Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO and Paid Ads on Google

October 25th, 2012

You have created a website for your company or shop, and of course you want as many people to see it as possible. But how can your website get to the first position in search results? If your service or product is searched for through Google, your webpage may be displayed in two places, in organic search results or through paid advertising on Google.

Organic search results (SEO)

Organic search results (shown in green) are displayed below paid ads (marked in red in the picture). To appear among the top ranks in organic search results, you need to optimize your site.

The primary objective of Google is to show users the most relevant content of the the highest quality related to the search query. For solutions on how to properly optimize your site for organic search, please see our instructions for optimization for Google.

+ Advantage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows your webpage to appear in search results absolutely free. The effect of your efforts will last for a very long time.

– Disadvantage Optimization is indeed a very lengthy, continual activity and of course your competitors are also hard at work. The results of your efforts is likely to take time. Additionally, if you want to maintain and improve your position in search, it’s necessary to optimize regularly. Using the services of a specialist may be an important item in your budget.

Paid advertising in Google – Google Adwords

Paid ads (PPC = Pay Per Click) on Google are displayed in the first 3 positions, along the right side, and sometimes at the bottom of the page. You can create a campaign in Google Adwords.

+ Advantage paid advertising works fast. Ad text for your potential customers will be displayed immediately. Compared to traditional ads in print or on TV, you only pay for the engaged customer, that is, for clicks on your ad, not for the views. By advertising on Google, you get to people who are just looking for the product offered.

Disadvantage It may be that if you optimize for very general keywords, the price per click gets very high. Therefore, it’s necessary to suitably optimize the ads. Furthermore, if the validity of an advertising campaign expires or runs out of budget, the ads immediately stop displaying and you lose valuable visitors.

What method would you choose?

The best solution is to combine the two methods. For a website properly optimized right from the start and primed with content, create ads on Google. Gain a growing number of visitors and potential customers to your site with Google AdWords.

Do you choose SEO or PPC strategies for your website? Want to know how to do SEO? We have a detailed guide for you.