AdSense vs. Banner Ads: An Intense Competition

August 6th, 2012

If you’re looking to make money on your website but you’re unsure about using advertising, read this article and you’ll be left without any doubt. We’re facing off the two opponents, banner ads and Google Adsense, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each. Who gets the winning score?

Banner ads, which are composed of images, are one of the most common ads used to promote websites. Adsense is Google’s advertising service through which website owners can monetize their sites, receiving a sum of money for each ad click. With Google Adsense, you can choose the form of ads on your site (text blocks, banner ads or links).

We placed these two web monetization techniques in confrontation. Let the game begin!

Easy-to-use: 1-0 for a Google service

Both Google Adsense and banner ads can be used by webmasters at the same time. To use Google AdSense, the site must comply with Google’s policy. Once this is accepted, configuring and adding it to the website is quite simple.

Any webmaster can use banners, however it requires finding advertisers willing to buy banners. This may be a problem in recently created sites or with those that have a low number of daily visits.

Regarding ease-of-use, Google is undoubtedly a more accessible program. You can start displaying ads on your website the same day it’s created!

Banner ads for more control. Now it’s a tie!

With Adsense, you can control the format of advertising but not the content. This means that on your website, banners may display random text from different companies. For example, your site may advertise both weight loss and mobile services.

When selling a banner for an advertiser, you know how the banner will appear on your site and you can reject it if you find it inappropriate.

The sale of banners gives you greater control of advertising on your site. 1-1 in the match.

1 point for AdSense: An unlimited income

When it comes to advertising, you may ask, “Which one pays more money?”. The goal of advertising is even this: making money. With Google Adsense, you can make an unlimited amount of money. Adsense is a program that pays per click, so your profit depends on the number of clicks.

As for banner ads, they are sold for a fixed income. For example, you can rent a banner for 1 year and receive a sum. Whether the number of visits on your site will grow exponentially or not, throughout this year you earn the same. This has its advantages, because you know that either way you will receive the same amount. On the other hand, your site can have a lot of visits but you cannot make more money with the banner beyond the agreed sum – so no extra profit.

Although each one has its pros and cons, AdSense wins a point by the fact that it offers an unlimited income with advertising. 2-1 for Adsense!

Banners provide a secure income. It’s a tie!

The sale of banner ads ensures that you get what was agreed with the advertiser. As for Adsense, you can be earning a lot of money but it can happen that you don’t earn any. What’s more, with AdSense you need to reach $100 until you can make a withdrawal. For smaller sites, it could take several months to reach this amount.

In terms of a secure income, banner ads provide greater security. Therefore, another point to banner ads! 2-2.

We have a tie between AdSense and banner ads. This shows that both systems have their pros and cons. Fortunately, you can use both on your website to make more money. But beware of weighing your site down with advertising, too many ads can scare your website visitors.

Don’t forget to read the instructions on how to monetize your website step by step.