A Guide to Google AdWords: 7 Tips to Writing Effective Ads

June 17th, 2013

how to write good ads

When you commit yourself to advertising your brand, your intent is to communicate a message to potential customers. If you advertise in search engines, the channel through which you communicate is online advertisements. In our previous article on AdWords, we’ve discussed the importance of selecting the best keywords and applying them to your ad campaign. Now in Part 3, we’ll take a look at the best way to write ads!

The main purpose of an ad is to grab the attention of those who are searching for your product. Stand out from other advertisers with a compelling and persuasive ad! How can you reach this? See our tips below to create stunning and profitable ads for your Google AdWords campaign.

When you start out writing an ad in AdWords, you’ll face the fields below. With the headline allowing 25, and the ad text allowing 70 characters in all, you need to make your point quickly.

writing a text ad

1. Include Keywords

One of the best ways to draw attention to your ad is to make ad text jump out at the viewer. The trick is simple. Include the keywords in the text that you use to target your campaign. In our Webnode campaign, we target people who are searching for how to make a website, so the more we add the keyword make a website, the higher the CTR (click-through rate) will grow. The reason? The keyword appears in bold for the people searching it.

I was searching to shop for shoes online, so my search query was “buy shoes online”. Which ad from the following three is most relevant to my query? Of course, the one which has exactly my words in bold!

2. Use Numbers

On webpages with a lot of text, numbers jump out instantly from the page. Use numbers to show off your product. In our ads, we generously use phrases such as 100% free, 10 000 templates, 0 cost. Not only do they make the ad differ from others, but the phrase itself adds appeal!

3. Add Power Words

So-called power words can boost your CTR (click-through rate). Power words are a form of emotive and persuasive language that influences people, their success lies in that they are an appeal to emotion. These phrases will give added value to your text, making your ad stand out and attract a wider audience. Examples of power words are free, new, fast, sale, secret, download.

Take note that what you promise in the ad must be fulfilled when the user reaches your website. If you promise free in the ad, you must offer a free version of your product or service. Furthermore, words such as free must also appear on your landing page, otherwise users will leave your website without fulfilling any action.

4. Call to Action

An ad is not an ad without a call to action. You need to invite people to take action when they see your ad in order to reach your goals. Ask them to register, sign up, click, make, discover, explore, and so on. The imperative verb you choose should be directly linked with your goals, so this is where the importance of planning the goals of your ad campaign emerges.

5. Add an Offer

If you’re running any sales promotions, make sure you include it in your ad copy. A persuasive call to action, such as Buy 1 Get 1 off or Sign Up Now for a Free Ebook is guaranteed to increase the CTR of your ad.

6. Spelling and Grammar

The importance of proper spelling and grammar cannot be emphasized enough. If you want to appear professional and credible to your customers, your ad must bet the first to reflect this.

7. Experiment

Try 2-3 ads in one ad group at once, and test 1 or 2 elements at a time, such as the headline or landing page. With time, you will see which ad performs best and you can optimize your campaign accordingly.

Let’s do a quick analysis of an ad we wrote for making websites. The keywords “your own website” appear twice in the ad, we added 100% free to enhance the content, checked for spelling and grammar mistakes, and included the indispensable call to action!

Do you have experience with successful ad text? Wondering how to monetize your own website? We have a detailed guide for you.