5 Widgets That Should Be on Your Business Site Right Now

December 20th, 2011

Improve customer communication, gain trust, and promote your business online effortlessly. All this for free? Yes, that’s right. All you need to do is add the following widgets to your website and you’ll be surprised at what your business will reach.

Photo Gallery

Win customer trust even before meeting in person. Accentuate your website with photos of a company event or the pleasant environment where customers are served. Seeing a picture is 10 times more effective than hearing or reading information. Could gaining customer confidence become any easier?

Contact Form

The subpages “About Us” or “Contact Us” should be part of your business site, that should include any type of contact form. This increases the seriousness of the company and above all greatly simplifies and speeds up communication with the customer. Your e-mail address can be typed or copied incorrectly, but a contact form ensures that messages arrive reliably.


If your services aren’t available entirely online, a map is one of the most important elements of your site for customers to find you quickly and safely. The route can be planned in detail (by car, by public transportation, or by foot) and uploaded to a GPS or printed.

Social Media Icons

Today social media icons attract customers for you! “Like’s” and “+1’s” scatter your company information among friends. Is there better advertising than a recommendation from a friend?

Polls and Questionnaires

The golden rule for all salespeople: the customer is always right. But how can we find out what customers really want? Fortunately, your website can give you quick and easy feedback. Use the ANA Survey to learn this information for free (what specialists charge hundreds of dollars for).

Is there any other widget which should not be missing from a business website? Tell us! Read also step by step guide how to create business website.