5 Top Apps for Facebook Pages

June 30th, 2012

Facebook recently added a Timeline for all Facebook pages. With this change, new Facebook applications also appeared that give more life to your Timeline, and can help you attract more fans to your page. These apps can improve user interaction and provide a more professional look. Try these apps for an even more efficient page!

1. Google +

The app for Google+ on Facebook is very useful because with it you can add the +1 button on your Facebook page and attract more fans to Google+ circles. Furthermore, the application automatically imports your feeds from Google+, saving you time.


2. Contact Form

This app for Facebook is not only very easy to make, but it’s very useful since it allows you to create contact boxes and get fan reviews or orders. You will receive emails written by visitors. This app is especially useful because fans will not have to leave your Facebook page to contact you.


3. LiveChat

As the name indicates, this app can be used for you to communicate with users in a live chat. Although not a 100% free app, it has a 30 day free trial, so you can try and see if it provided any advantages to your company. You can create a schedule for a live chat so your users will know what time they may contact you, without leaving Facebook.


4. Twitter Tab

This Twitter app for Facebook allows the easy integration of Twitter in your Facebook fan page. The app will automatically publish the latest tweets and also include a button for Facebook fans that follow you on Twitter. You’ll increase your Twitter followers and interact with fans on Facebook.


5. Timeline Builder

This app for Facebook is a tool for you to build and customize your fan page to your liking. You can easily integrate multiple widgets on your fan page, streamlining the page and attracting more users. It’s a critical application to create a professional look for your Facebook page and it’s even free.

Share your fan page on Facebook with us. What is the best app to increase the number of fans on your page? Are you planning to monetize your website? Try this step-by-step guide.