6 Tips on How to Use Social Networks for Business

March 20th, 2012

Social media is undergoing an extraordinary boom. Checking Facebook has become a daily habit for most of us. Still unsure about creating a social network page for your business? Do you avoid Twitter or Facebook like the plague? Read these tips on what steps to take for your business to feel at home on any social media platform!

1. Be authentic

Social media users do not want to read self-marketing words about how your business is “the best in the field,” nor offering “unique and exclusive” products. Offer them “real” content, because nobody is truly interested in overused clichés.

2. Don’t mislead

Deceiving or confusing your online community should be avoided at all times, clearly such behavior will cause more harm than good.

3. Always provide answers

Answer all questions at all times. Thank the people who praise you but if you happen to receive a negative comment, respond honestly, and as soon as possible.

4. Be persistent

Building a strong community around your brand will probably not happen overnight. Don’t give up, be persistent. If you contribute regularly and interact with your fans, you’ll see results.

5. Do not slander your competitors

If you want to mention any of your competitors on a social network, do so in a neutral tone. For example, if your products came out best in a survey, show your success, but do not squash your competitors.

6. Experiment

Social media is still in its early stages and “guaranteed” advice does not always stir action for your company. Don’t be afraid to try new things, new approaches. The web is always eager to give out medals for the bravest who are not afraid to walk their own path. Here’s your chance!

A word of advice in conclusion: let fans make your brand a part of their own identity. When they become your fans, you’re on the right track. Get closer to them, communicate, discuss and most importantly, listen!

Which tip do you find most important to handle a social network successfully? Check also our step by step guide about creation a business website.