5 Reasons Your Eshop Might Be Losing Customers

January 24th, 2012

Price is surely the most important factor for online shopping, but other points need to be considered for the complete success of your e-shop. Once potential customers land on your e-shop pages, you are off to a good start. But no one is buying? Discover the 5 reasons why!

Missing Contact Info and Terms of Use

If there is no or only partial contact information on your site, you can’t count on potential buyers. Your contact is one of the most important elements of the site, next to the terms and conditions under which users shop. Only a clearly defined business policy, terms of use, as well as other vital sales information ensure high traffic and customer loyalty.

Third Party Domain

If you don’t have your own domain for your eshop, you’ll not only lag behind in search engines, but also in popularity. Our earlier post entitled, 10 reasons why having your own domain name is a must, tells you in detail about the importance of having your own domain name.

Incorrect Info About Goods and Prices

Confusing website structure, misleading description of goods, missing prices, or vague information about product availability will certainly result in customer distrust. Update your website regularly, and act fairly with your customers, you’ll see that shoppers will return for more.

Poor Communication

Throughout the purchasing process, if you only communicate randomly with the customer, you’re lowering the trust factor. Automatic messages following purchases are recommended and if customers have any questions or problems, contact them as soon as possible, preferably by phone, and provide a full explanation. Your individual approach will be appreciated.

A Limited Choice of Payment and Delivery Methods

The more payment and delivery options you offer, the more customers you attract. Payment before and after collecting goods should always be an option for delivery. Cash on delivery, credit card payment and bank transfer payment methods need to be available by default.

What are other important points to keep in mind for e-shop owners? If you want to create a successful eshop from scratch, read step by step guide first.