4 Mistakes Doctors Make On Their Website

October 1st, 2013

Doctors, more than anyone else, need to inspire confidence in the people visiting their website. But there are many ways to ruin a first impression and potential patients may end up feeling exactly the opposite. Therefore, we selected four basic errors you should be watch out for. It’s not only eye-catching design, but also necessary information, that shouldn’t be missing in any case!

When someone needs a new physician, they often get lost on the web. It might be a long search before you find a website persuading you to choose that particular doctor.


Doctors often forget that patients expect the same style on a website as in an office. So what are the most common mistakes people make when creating a website for doctors or clinics?

1. Poor Design

Anyone looking for a physician expects a hygienic, sterile environment. Therefore, medical web designs should have a “clean” template with a white, or light, background. The appropriate choice is clearly one of our three new collections, Simplia, Clouds and Dolly, or even some earlier templates like Macroscopic, Synoptic or Metro.

Templates designed for doctors' offices

2. Missing References

People have high expectations. After all, it’s about their health! Yet medical websites often lack information about professional competence.

Let patients know that they can safely place their trust in you. On your website, display your certificates, diplomas and references from previous patients.

Create a photo gallery where you show the waiting room, doctor’s office, but also you and your team. The higher quality the photo, the better – convince people that you are their best choice.

Add a photogallery

Photogallery from the website of pediatrician Dr. Zemánkové.

3. A Confusing Layout

The worst is when a visitor to the website doesn’t know anything about what you offer. Think about how to neatly organize all the information.

Think about the structure of your website. Is it better for you to apply a two-column design? Display a business profile on one side and news on the other like Dr. Sedláček.

Use a two-column layout

Doctor Jiří Sedláček uses a two-column layout on his website.

Or is it better to use only one block and make an uncluttered website? Feel free to experiment and try different options. Remember, the most important information must be on the homepage and that patients must easily navigate your website.

Use a single-column layout

The website of Kessel Dermatology has a single-column layout. The contact is on the side, which appears on every page.

4. Missing Basic Information

What should a visitor find on a medical website?

An organized table of office hours: It is one of the most important things for your patients.

Add your office hours.

If you accept new patients, it’s good to send a clear message – done like in the following image:

Accepting new patients.

I recommend combining it with a link that leads the candidate to a page with information on how to register. Webnode’s Form feature is a perfect solution.

For many doctors, Reservio, an online booking system, is a useful tool. Patients can see when the doctor orders, and nurses won’t have to worry about endless phone calls.

Book an appointment

Your medical office doesn’t have its own website? Create it now! Are you planning to create your own website? Try this step-by-step guide.