22 top products to sell online in 2022

January 11th, 2022
Products to sell online

When starting a new e-commerce business, the most important part is choosing the right products to sell. We already covered basic strategies in our previous post. Today we take a look at trending products to sell online in 2022 (apart from NFT’s) to provide you with more ideas and inspiration.

Now, when people are ordered to stay home as much as possible, e-commerce plays a more important role than ever.

Over these last two years, we got used to buying everyday necessities, groceries and cosmetics online. As it looks like COVID is going to stay with us in its many evolutions, this trend is probably not going to change any time soon.

It does not mean however to stock your store with toilet paper and sanitisers. Necessities got reconsidered. Therefore, we created this post on e-commerce products, including trending items to sell online.

Look at the situation as an opportunity to help people cosy up their home, get into shape, explore their talents, or show them new world cuisines without the need for leaving their caves. By caves, of course, we mean homes.

If you lack inspiration, we prepared a list of the most trending products you can start selling in your online store right away.

Where to find the trending products?

To look for ideas, in addition to this blog, you can use many other resources online.

The quickest way is the Google Trends tool. Here you can check the total search volume on a given topic. For example, the famous avocado toast started trending in May 2017:

Avocado Toast in search trends

Avocado Toast in search trends

You can even sort the statistics according to the chosen country, choose the time slot and compare multiple keywords.

Another option is to subscribe to trend publications like TrendWatching, TrendHunter, CoolHunter etc. You will gain insights into how customers’ patterns are changing over time. It is definitely worth your time when you want to understand more about your customers’ shopping behaviour and the niche you operate in.

For other inspiration check out websites like Etsy, Kickstarter, Instagram, Pinterest, social media and such to see the emerging trends.

What makes a great product

They say: do what you love, sell what you love. The harsh truth is: you are running a business, not a hobby.

Therefore: Find out what is profitable and sell it!

  • Simply put, the products you sell must be profitable. Otherwise, what is the point of running a business, right?

  • Choose the price of the products wisely. The sweet spot is under 100 USD. The more expensive a product, the more time and money you spend marketing it, pre-selling it and generally convincing people to buy it. That’s why mini waffle makers sell better than sous vide. They are just cheaper.

  • Don’t forget to consider the size and weight of the product. Customers tend to abandon the cart when they realize the shipment is not for free or there are other unexpected extra costs waiting for them in the cart. With carefully selected products, i.e. light products with standard measurements, you can offer free shipments easily and even more delivery methods. Think also of the material your products are made of. Shipping vinyl records is risky in the summertime.

  • The products should be already popular or easily made into trends. Apart from standard marketing practices, work with influencers to make your products viral.

  • Last but not least, the product has to be competitive. It is hard to sell the same black laptop bag you can also find on Amazon, Alibaba and Tesco. Stylish and quality handmade bags however might be much more interesting for your customers.

Once you know where to look for trends and how to choose a product, let’s move to our list of top trending e-commerce products.

22 top products to sell online

1. Bluetooth devices and Bluetooth phone accessories

Now, it is not wise to compete with gigantic online electronics stores, but there is a possibility to sell some nicely designed speakers, headphones, AirPods, phone cases etc. to stand out in the crowd.

The important thing is to choose unique, eye-catching products that are difficult to find online.

Once the visitors come to your store, they will check whether it is the right place for them. If your store matches their lifestyle, it will be easy to sell your curated small electronics offer. Therefore, be aware of your customer personas and target group in as much detail as possible.

A word for phone cases: choose compostable material with a customized or original design. Work with illustrators and designers. Make the cases eco-friendly and unique. People are finally getting more environmentally conscious and have loved to customize things since forever. Work with that.

According to research, people often make a spontaneous purchase when the price is below 40 USD. Over 40, they would start looking for other sources and compare prices. Again, pick your products and choose the price carefully with your customer persona in mind.

Bluetooth devices and phone accessories search trends

Bluetooth devices and phone accessories search trends

2. Small devices for influencers

Such as microphones and phone accessories.

Many podcasts and vloggers evolved during this time and what they need is quality but affordable equipment like microphones, tripods, extra lens and LED light rings.

They need it even if they are not aware of it. Prepare a nice comparative video to show them how to create better-looking vlogs with the equipment you sell.

Vlogger starter kit

Vlogger starter kit

3. Home office supplies

With COVID, we moved to our homes for work. Many of us were not ready for that and realized working from the kitchen and sitting on a foldable chair for eight hours straight is not the best option.

Starting with ergonomic chairs, adjustable tables, laptop stands and shelves for documents. You can also sell nice designed stationery and blue-light blocking glasses – you get the idea. Posture correction tools can be found right next to planners.

Emphasize health and correct back posture while marketing your products. After all, it is the most important thing we have.

Home Office

Home Office

4. Personal care products

This is a very important and profitable niche, as personal care is something every person should do as often as needed.

Safe choices are electric toothbrushes, dental picks, natural-based skincare and shampoos, men’s grooming products or menstrual cups.

Health and beauty products may also help your customers with minor health issues. They might vary from anti-snoring kits or teeth whitening kits to eyebrow razors.

Many of these might come in the form of a subscription box (repeated purchases).

Personal Care Items

Personal Care Items

5. Pet products

A lot of us share our personal spaces with a quiet companion or more. This time we mean a pet, not your introverted partner. But we love those as we love our family members, and we certainly love to pamper them.

New scratchers, toys, dog beds or fancy granules for the furry canines. Apart from LED collars for dogs, anti-slip bowls or a cat toilet, slow feeder bowls.

Or a new castle for your fishy? Pet selfie tools, anyone?

So why not sell pet products online? It seems like the right time as the fame of some Instagram celebrities are rising high.

Dog bed

Dog bed

6. Home improvement tools

Spending more time at home means using a house or an apartment more, which means sometimes we need to repair stuff like broken shelves, creaking doors or clogged drains.

Or just finally improve some long-delayed items from nice-to-haves.

By improvement tools, we mean levels, putty knives, reciprocating saws, hammers, power drills, nail sets… or just a complete toolkit for beginners. They will be in need forever.

Home improvements tools

Home improvements tools

7. Gardening supplies

The luckier of us have a garden to their disposition, whilst others do the gardening on their balconies. You can also target urban gardeners by providing fancy pots, compact tools and seeds of plants that can survive the urban jungle conditions.

8. Indoor plants

As straightforward as that. In case you can’t have a canine in your sub-rental, you can at least give your love to rare species of Insta-plants. Those you uncover by looking for the right hashtags.

Moreover, apart from being photogenic, they can also decorate rooms and purify indoor air.

Ever heard of the fishbone cactus or bunny ear cactus?

Collecting indoor plants is addictive. Try to offer low-maintenance plants for beginners and spruce up their collection over time with more demanding flowers.

In search for a new monstera

In search for a new monstera

9. Athleisure & loungewear

According to Merriam-Webster, athleisure is casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use. Basically, a fashion buzzword since the Uncanny Valley emerged. This kind of clothing you can wear to the office, gyms and dinner too.

Market it as convenient minimalistic fashion perfectly suited for active people who care about their health and have the energy to do sports or any kind of life activities after office hours.

Put athleisure to the same category as loungewear (informal clothing usually designed to be worn at home) because now we wear everything mostly at home anyways. This includes PJs, leggings, sweatpants, t-shirts, shoes, socks, headbands, sports bras and so on.

Athleisure & loungewear

Athleisure & loungewear

10. Yoga mats and accessories

Since frequenting gyms requires conquering loads of obstacles (your own un-will including), yoga and pilates might be the perfect sport activity for many office workers.

First of all, it is good for your back. Second of all, yoga mats, leggings and bras can look really stylish and cool on your insta-stories. Moreover, if the mats are from eco-friendly materials with unique designs from local artists – you might strike gold.



11. Starter kits & subscriptions box

Repeated purchases are the biggest challenge for all businesses. One way to make sure your customers will come back is to offer them subscriptions. The good news is, you don’t need to be a news publisher or Spotify to ask for them.

Also, a great subscription starts with a starter kit, or a possibility to quit subscription after the first purchase.

You can offer coffee seeds and coffee makers, snacks, cosmetics, pet products, whatever you can think of that can run out within a regular time frame.

It saves time for your customers to receive a parcel every month instead of frequenting online and offline stores like piano lessons. It also brings you a regular income.

12. Craft kits

Help your customers discover their hidden talents and new hobbies. Yarns and needles, art sets, felting kits, soap making kits, macrame sets. You get the idea.

It might start with a kit and then continue with more advanced supplies. The important thing is to throw the bait.

13. Handmade products

Another evergreen on the list. People will love to have original jewellery, apparel or present handmade soap to their friends with a warm feeling of supporting a real person and not some corporation.

When marketing your product, be transparent, sincere and present your process as a whole. Share your philosophy and your story so the potential customers create an emotional connection with your little (or big) store.

Handmade products made with love will always be in great demand.

Handmade products

Handmade products

14. Eco-packaging and green living

As we are heading into an environmental catastrophe, we learnt that simply recycling our waste is not enough for saving the only planet we inhabit (so far).

Raising environmental consciousness makes us live more eco-friendly lifestyles and ideally zero-waste. To support those lifestyles, we still need to switch from disposable packaging to bento boxes, from disposable coffee cups to reusable ones. The same goes for straws, bags, bottles and so on.

Channel your inner Greta and help your earthbound fellows to live more eco-friendly.

Zero-waste products

Zero-waste products

15. Shapewear

Shapewear is a kind of underwear that is designed to make the body look thinner by smoothing out and holding in areas that are out of shape (according to the dictionary).

According to Google Trends, shapewear is another great trend of the last few months. And it probably won’t go away any time soon.



16. Hiking boots and backpacks

There are urban backpacks to help you survive and stay safe in the city with your laptop and coffee cup. There are also backpacks for people, who love posting landscapes on their Instagram profiles.

If you are into landscapes, you know that natural paths used to be places where social distancing was easy. These days, however, you can meet more people there than at a music show.

It might also look like a fashion show sometimes, but don’t get confused. Comfortable backpacks with a cosy back system and belt stripes (learnt the hard way) now might look even more stylish than laptop carriers.

Not to mention comfortable hiking boots.

This is a large market with loads of opportunities and marketing possibilities. It’s definitely worth your consideration.

Hiking boots and backpacks

Hiking boots and backpacks

17. Video projectors, waffle makers and other home-entertainment electronics

Staying at home while COVID strikes again, binging Netflix is much more comfortable on a big screen – literally. Consider selling video projectors, sound systems, popcorn machines and other home-entertainment devices.

When you can’t make it to the cinema hall, make the cinema hall come to you.

The same goes for home coffee shops: from coffee machines, alternative coffee makers like V60, Chemex, filters to waffle makers and bread machines.

Anything you could enjoy freely outside in the pre-pandemic age can be brought to your house – on a smaller scale – to be enjoyed.

Home-entertainment devices

Home-entertainment devices

18. Kayak accessories

Outdoor activities like fishing, hiking and kayaking became massively popular during the last two years.

Not only do you get a chance to be out of your apartment, but you will also have a great time while enjoying nature when in good company.

Embarking on a one-time big adventure is as thrilling as it gets. And it might even become a regular hobby.

And hobbies are great for you as a store owner. A hobby means repeating purchases. It is about accessories and clothing, again. Ahoy!

Kayak accessories

Kayak accessories

19. Board games

The more time at home, the more time for your social bubble to spend some quality time together. Now, when we are trying to limit our screen time, there are perfect alternatives to Candy Crush.

Have you heard of the Netflix effect – when Dungeons and Dragons became popular after worldwide Stranger Things binging, and chess after Queen’s Gambit?

Board games have been here for ages, so we can consider them as a classic. Those who don’t play don’t win.

Board games

Board games

20. Reusable water bottles & water filters

We are back to the environmentally cautious niche. Reusable water bottles help fight unnecessary plastic waste and they are usually the first step people make when hopping on the zero waste trend.

Made from eco-friendly and healthy materials they are not only good for the planet, but also for your health.

Moreover, they are easily customisable and it is relatively cheap to put your own unique design on them. That’s why selling stylish water bottles might result in huge success.

Reusable water bottles

Reusable water bottles

21. Home decor inspired by Pinterest

Fairy lights, cute bed sheets, bohemian tapisserie, macrame, plant pots, chalk paint, you name it. Just scroll down your Pinterest homepage and you will be able to create a vivid picture.

That’s why there are so many home decor shops out there. For the last few decades, all our furniture is from IKEA. Decorations are what makes our homes unique.

Homes are where we spend a lot of time now, and customization is what we love.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights

22. Enamel pins

And other cute small items that help your apparel look more original and customized. In case you don’t sell the mass-produced ones that you can get from AliExpress within a couple of weeks.

You can work with designers, illustrators or make your own design. Support organizations that help fight for human rights, animal rights or doing something good for society. Be unique and add even more value to those pins.

Enamel pins

Enamel pins


If you couldn’t help but wonder what the next top-selling products in the upcoming year will be, now you know what tools to use to look for trends and what online publication to subscribe for so you will no longer be surprised.

We provided you with a list of what are the best products to sell online that caught our attention over the last few months. We hope we inspired you and helped you to create a list of what to sell in 2022.

And just like that, you will profit from trending products yourself.

Wondering how to create an online store? Check the step-by-step guide.