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Original examples for how to use the Marmalade Maker website template from Webnode

Our creative users can turn a single template into a plethora of stunning websites. To share some of the inspiration, here are five real users and their original examples of how to use one of the Webnode website templates – the Marmalade maker.

We’re always excited to see our templates transformed into original and beautiful websites. Some users draw inspiration from our designs. They pick a template from a category similar to their business and give it a nice individual touch. Others let their creativity run free, choosing whichever template they like and molding it into something new and extraordinary.

Let’s see those five websites made with the Marmalade maker template, point out some of their interesting features and share a few tips on how to enhance them even further.

A template with a standout header

The most expressive feature of the Marmalade maker template is its header with a box-like space suitable for a short and catchy headline. A similar style is used repeatedly throughout the whole template and creates visually interesting spots for call to action slogans and headings. Even though the template was created specifically for product promotion, it can be used for any kind of website, including an online store, business website or a blog.

Standout call-to-action header in Webnode Marmalade Maker website template

Headings that will catch visitor’s attention

Venue promotion with Sklepy Mařatice

This winery website has just the right ambiance. Its creators know that the best way to entice a visit is to show off high-quality pictures of their venue, describe the experience and the delicious wine and let the fantasy work out the rest. Yet, perhaps the biggest asset of this website is its simple navigation. You’ll find the most important information on the homepage and can reserve your spot right there with a booking form. There’s even a map with directions on the contact page so that guests won’t get lost on their way. Looks like the website owners have thought everything through.
Website with great ambiance created on Webnode Marmalade Maker website template

Our tip – registering your own original domain instead of using the free Webnode one will strengthen your brand. It will also make it much easier for visitors to remember the name of your website for future returns.

We-Eatse business website

Here’s another business website built upon a visually attractive yet simple design, this time promoting a food-catering company. The simplicity of the template allows it to retreat into the background when necessary and let the spotlight shine on the main star – the colorful and highly professional images. A brief look at the photo gallery, a quick read through the overview of their offer and a reliable contact form are all crucial elements coaxing clients to book their services. This site serves as a great proof that you don’t need to fill your website to the brim with content to leave a memorable impression.
Website created with Webnode Marmalade Maker template
Attractive and colorful photo gallery

Our tip – As a tiny final touch, we would recommend adding a bespoke favicon.

Product promotion at Craffox

Websites with predominantly white-colored backgrounds and clean design often appear a bit cold. Not this one though, this website promoting multipurpose wooden furniture for children managed to come up with a simple and charming look that goes well with their goods. Adding icons and pictures to illustrate the best features and how to use those cute products was a nice touch.Example how to use icons from Webnode database
Some of the icons picked from our database

Our tip – If you already have a website promoting your products, why not start selling them? You can add an e-shop to any existing website in just a few clicks. Instead of asking potential clients to contact you if interested in your services or redirecting them to a separate e-shop, visitors can smoothly check out your products and buy them within mere minutes. Having everything in one spot increases your sales.

GoECO by2A’s selling eco-friendly products

This website offers the full shopping experience and puts into use several Webnode features. The main goal is to sell the very attractive and vibrant products. Customers can easily learn all about them through product descriptions and finish their purchases using a simple checkout. Since the website is multilingual and translated into three different languages, it can even target potential buyers abroad. To further induce sales, customers can also use a voucher code during their first purchase as is advertised in the homepage header. The website owners also started a blog. Regular blogging can help both show its readers how to easily adopt a more ecological lifestyle and improve the position of the website in search results as part of the SEO process. Finally, there’s also a page with exclusive content accessible only to registered members. Even though this website is just venturing out, looks like it’s well on the way towards a successful future.
An example of real user online store created in Webnode

Online store with a discount feature

A non-profit Zachraň Dobroslavu

All the previous websites were created for commercial use, so let’s wrap up the list with something a little different – a non-profit striving to save an old dilapidated chapel. The content is divided into simple and logical sections with buttons leading to separate pages with further information. You’ll immediately know everything about their goal and how to help. The background story is illustrated through historical images as well as photos of the ruins. The final look is both informative and interesting and we hope this non-profit will be successful.

Our tip – don’t forget to regularly update your website. Old content might indicate that the website is no longer active and discourage future visits.

Did you pick the marmalade template for your website as well? Leave a link to your site in the comments below!