4 Tips on How to Earn Money with Adsense in Webnode

4 tips for how to earn money with Google AdSense

Your website can generate profit even if you’re not selling products or services. How? Through Google AdSense. Every time someone clicks on an advertisement on your website, you will get a commission from Google. The whole set up is extremely simple and takes only a few minutes. So, why not start making money today?

Before you can launch your passive income, you’ll need to register at Google AdSense. All you need to share with Google is the name of your domain, e-mail address and your personal and billing details to let them know where to send all your earnings.

You must have your own domain if you want to use Google AdSense. If you haven’t registered one for your Webnode website yet, pick your favorite from our extensive list. That said, we know choosing the right domain name can be tricky. A lot of people don’t know a lot about domains in general and that’s why we wrote this article about how to choose a domain name.

When you’re registered, insert a tracking code into your website to display the advertisements. Don’t worry, you can’t go wrong with our detailed step-by-step guide. The interesting part starts once you insert the code.

Here are our four tips to help you make the most out of your cooperation with Google AdSense.

1. Make the advertisement a natural part of your website

What is the main color scheme of your website? It should, ideally, match with the color of the advertisement, so that banners will seem like an integral part of it. This effective strategy increases the trustworthiness of advertising and people are more likely to click on it. Even better, since you can pick which advertisement to show, you can easily exclude the ones that wouldn’t fit in visually.

2. The same place on every page

The primary goal here is, again, to make the advertisement seem natural. You can pick its placement on your website – on the left or the right side, under the header or in the footer. If possible, put it in the same spot on every page to have it blend in and increase the click-through rate even further.

3. Test all the options

Browsing through the AdSense platform, you will find a wide range of settings. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Vary the number of banners and their position on the website to find out what works for you. Each website is unique and there is no universal formula for success. Let each experiment run for at least a week before you change things up again. Only then you’ll get relevant and accurate data.

Earn money with Google AdSense and your Webnode website

4. Don’t overdo it

Too much of anything is bad for you and this applies to the advertisement as well. The more ads you’ll show on your website, the faster and more often will your visitors leave. In the better-case scenario, they just won’t think your website is interesting. In the worst scenario, they’ll get annoyed. It’s always better to have just one banner which will bring you a steady profit, than to have a bunch of them for nothing.

By the way, do you know how to bring more people to your website to increase the chances of someone clicking on the ads? Search engines such as Google must first know the website exists. Read how to do it and how to improve your ranking in search results in our SEO articles.

Do you have advertisement on your website? We’d like to hear your thoughts on Google AdSense, so leave us a comment below.

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