Plan Regular Maintenance of Your Website

A website is like a house, it needs to be taken care of, maintained and cleaned regularly.

A website is like a home. It needs to be taken care of, maintained and cleaned. Some tasks require more attention, while others need to be performed only occasionally. What are the activities you shouldn’t forget about when managing your website?

To do each week

Post news – Keep your site up to date. Add at least one piece of news from your business or industry every week. What can you write about? New items in stock, discounted products, reviews of popular products and tutorials.

Tip: Insert new content in the form of blog posts. For more information, see our guide on how to insert a new article.

Check products and services for obsolete information – If you have an online store, you should regularly check that you have all the products still in stock and with the correct price and description.

What to do each month?

Plan and create special offers – Maintain regular customer demand for your services. Create special events, offer a discount on one of your products, organize a contest or a sale promotion of buy one, get one free. If you want to advertise your sale on social media, be sure to create a special landing page to which these advertisements will lead. When entering your website, visitors shouldn’t get distracted by other content and their focus should be completely on your promotion.

Check if the links and URLs work – Functional links and URLs of pages are the core elements of search engine optimization. How can you easily check which ones stopped working? For the URL check, use Google Search Console. If you haven’t tried this tool yet, we wrote an article on how to set it up and what it can do for your website. As for the links interconnecting your pages together, in this post we explain which tools can help you keep the links active.

Quarterly tasks

Make sure the contact info is correct – Go through all the contact information at least once every quarter of the year. Don’t forget to check:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email (also the one in the contact form)

Review the information about your company and team – It’s also good to update the information about your team every three months, so that customers know who they can turn to. While you’re at it, check the “About us” page as well. The focus of your company and your objectives might have changed.

Now, let’s be honest, do you maintain and update your website regularly? Let us know in the comments below.