Holiday news in Webnode

Summer is all about fun and relaxation, so to make editing your website equally enjoyable, we’re introducing a couple of new features. If you are an e-shop owner or want to edit your website on a mobile phone, we have some news tailored especially for you.

Mobile editor

Your website can already automatically adjust its appearance to fit different devices. Thanks to the responsive design, it will look good on computers as well as smartphones or tablets. But let’s raise the bar even higher! We want you to be able to work on your website from everywhere and anywhere. That’s why we just released our brand new mobile editor.


If you want to try it out, simply log in to your Webnode account on a smartphone and edit away. With our mobile editor, you can now add new pages to your website and edit their content (texts, photo galleries, maps, forms and more), publish or manage new blog posts and also change the settings of your website.

This is the first version of the mobile editor and it can’t do everything just yet. That’s why we‘re busy working on more features such as editing products in an online store or adding whole sections of content, both of which we plan to release very soon.

Social login

Hand in hand with the mobile editor we also released Social login. This feature allows you to quickly log in to your Webnode website with Google or Facebook account. Just click on the „Login“ button on our website and choose the preferred option. We believe this change will make the whole process of logging in much smoother, whether on mobile phones or computers.


Good news for all online store owners – you can now easily set up special discounts for your customers to give your online sales a boost.

Offer free shipping and percentage or amount based discounts. Choose whether those discounts should be applied to all orders or limit them to orders above a certain price. If you also add a promo code to your discount, your customers can get the discount only if they enter in the promo code while creating their orders.

You can manage discounts from the administration of your e-shop after you log in to your Webnode account. Want to know more? Detailed instructions on how to set up different types of discounts can be found in our Knowledgebase.

Additional information on orders

We added this new field to all shopping carts to improve the customer shopping experience. Your customers can now leave you a note and explain where to leave their package, specify the shipping address or add any other special requests.

You, the store owner, will then see the additional information in order detail in your administration as well as in the e-mail with the order summary.


Have you tried any of our summery features? Let us know how you feel about them and which functions we should add next.