Why Do You Need a Wedding Website?

When you are organizing a wedding, every minute counts. Repeating the same information in call after call eats up your valuable time. Creating a wedding website will help you organize your wedding and let your guests know what to expect on your big day.

A wedding website is a great solution for creating a complete wedding guide that your guests can check 24/7 meaning you do not have to update everyone separately. It speeds up communication with your guests: you can update the info quickly for all your guests and they can use forms to RSVP, ask about accommodation or transport details, choose their menu option, etc.

Additionally, it is a great way for your betrothed and you to be creative and write a summary of your time together, tell your story and even share pictures and videos after the event.

What to include in a wedding website?

  • Your Story

You can describe how you met and what important moments led to your nuptials. How did you propose? Spice it up with your photos or videos. You can share your love story and what you love doing together with your family and close friends. You can be creative, funny, and with pictures, it can be even more amazing.

  • Pictures and videos

In today’s thousand-pics-a-day world, you will have lots of great pictures to choose from. Modern websites tend to have more images and less text. Choose a picture that fits your personality and make a great first impression with a nice cover photo that describes your love.

Include engagement pictures and share photos after your wedding. You can make use of the Member Login feature to make sure that only the people you want to have access to the pictures see them. Do you want to make everyone jealous? Share pictures of your honeymoon in Fiji!

Choose a template that fits the style of your wedding

  • Wedding Location

Almost all weddings have a few out-of-towners in attendance who don’t know the area. Some of the most looked-at information on a wedding website is how to get to the event. Include where the ceremony and reception will be held, add specific addresses so they can put it directly into their GPS, add interactive maps and pictures so your guests arrive on-time and avoid super-stressful last-minute calls from lost people. You can use Google Maps to easily add a map to your website.

Place this information where it is easy to find because it will be the most sought after content on your site.

  • Accommodation

Make your guests’ life easier by providing a selection of hotels where they’ll be able to lay their heads after celebrating your marriage. Include distances from the reception and if you have worked out a package with the hotel so they are able to get the best price during their stay.

Remember also to include transportation options. After a day of celebrating, your guests will be happy knowing exactly how they will get home or to their accomodation.

  • Timeline

Wedding timelines are a guideline to your guests so they know what happens when on your wedding day. When are the pre-ceremony photos being taken? When does the ceremony start? Is there a break between the ceremony and the reception? When will the first and second courses be served? What about the first dance?

A clean timeline section on your website will help your guests know where they need to be and what will happen next.

  • RSVPs and info from guests

A wedding website will help you to organize the wedding long before the actual date of the event. Add your website’s URL or create a QR code of the website to the wedding invitations and get information about how many people will attend and other logistical info in seconds. Do people need accomodation? Will they bring their kids or a guest? Any special food requirement? With an online RSVP, you can collect more information than is possible with a simple response card. On top of that, you will have all this valuable information in one place. Take even more advantage of this opportunity by adding custom questions. The QR code can be easily created with qr-code-generator.com or other online services.

  • Interesting things in the neighborhood

Guests attending from other cities or countries will appreciate more information about the location. This can include interesting sites to see in the days leading up to or after the wedding, or where to kill those couple of hours before the ceremony. It’s a great idea to include personal information such as your favorite locations and things to do in your city. You can use Google Maps to help them easily find the best places.

  • Dress code

The dress code is a tricky part of the wedding invitation. But, if you want your guests to wear something other than the expected suits and dresses, you can inform them via your website. Describe the dress code clearly so that no one is left with questions. If your wedding will be outside or on a beach, be sure to alert your guests so they know to dress appropriately. You can also add a few photos to illustrate your vision and make your dream come to life.

  • Social Networks

Standard practice states that you will have a professional wedding photographer or a talented friend to snap your wedding pictures, but your guests will inevitably take photos during the wedding too. So, why not collect all social media photos with a special hashtag? You can also add to your website to a social media wall that shows all posts with the hashtag from your guests at the wedding. With tagboard.com, you are able to collect everything in one place.

  • Choose an easy to remember name

Pick a catchy and original name for your website that your guests won’t forget. Don’t use an over complicated name. If it’s easy to read, then it’s easy to remember. You can make your website even more personalized with an original domain name. Before you choose a domain, do a quick search to see if the domain name is unique or already in use. How do you do the search? Just type your desired domain into Google and see if anyone is using the name.

We have some tips for you on what it could be:


With Webnode, you can also register a special domain extensions that makes your domain even more memorable and personal: .love, .wedding, .partners., etc.


You can impress your guests with widgets and improve your website by making it more personalized. Why not use a countdown widget, weather forecast, social buttons or a even a guestbook? The only limit is your imagination. Make your website guest-friendly and as wonderful as your special day will be.

General recommendations

At Webnode, we have seen hundreds of wedding websites. To make sure you get the most out of yours, here are our top tips:

  • Start making your website as soon as possible so it can be used during the planning phase of your wedding. Create it at least 6 months before the wedding.
  • Don’t hide the location or accommodation details. This is most important information that all your guests will be looking for. Remember to also keep the date visible!
  • Keep things simple: Websites today are more about pictures and video than text. Avoid writing short novels and share just the highlights of your story. People will love to read the story of how you meet, but keep it brief and fun to read.
  • Besides pictures of you two, you can include pictures of the reception venue, the city where it will be held, your hobbies or wedding-style stock pictures. You can also include pictures of the important people participating in the wedding This will make sure that everybody will know who the happy parents, the quirky wedding party and the siblings and the best friends are.
  • Give your website your own personal touch! Customize all the elements to make it unique!

If you already created your own Wedding website, how did you do it? Which of the mentioned features did you find the most useful? Don’t forget to read the guide on how to create a business website.