Organize posts on your blog!

Every adamant blogger who posts on a regular basis will find the need to organize their blog to make it easier for their readers to find what interests them. Webnode has now made that task easier with the newest addition to our blog feature, blog categories. With this update, you are now able to organize your travel blog into countries or continents, file recipes on your cooking blog into the type of food or ingredients or organize your fashion blog by the article of clothing.

How do I add a new category?

You can add a new category to your blog exactly the same way you created your original blog page. Go to the PAGES menu in the Webnode editor and add a new blog. The new blog will act as a separate page and all you will need to do is name it. Then, add your new blog posts.

Adding new categories

How will my blog look to visitors?

Your visitors will see your blog categories directly in the menu of your website and will be able to get to the category that interests them by simply clicking on it. You are also able to edit each category according to your imagination, different images and videos and even a different background image, making each of your categories unique and original.

Each category will have its own page in the menu

Moving blog posts to other categories

Every blog post is filed under the category it was first posted in. If you would like to move that post to another category, you can do so with just a few clicks.

You can easily move your posts

Displaying your blog posts

Once you have categories set up on your site, you will be able to decide whether to list all of your blog posts in one blog feed or just blog posts from a particular category. You are able to create an unlimited number of categories and recent blog feeds making it possible for you to have a recent blog feed for each category.

Choose which category the feed will show


Along with the release of this update, we have also released our Political Blog Template which wonderfully displays the capabilities of blog categories. All you need to do is choose this template, get some coffee and start writing.


Do you already have a blog on your website and don’t need any more categories? You have no need to worry or do anything regarding this update. Your blog will continue to work as it used to and you will not see any changes to your site.


Are you planning to use categories in your own blog and want to know more? Please leave us a comment in the section below.

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