Quick Tip: How to Add a Live Chat to Your Website and E-shop

A website without a live chat widget is like a shop without shop assistants. Very often, when potential customers are visiting your e-shop or business website, they are also comparing features and prices of your products to other websites. The first e-shop answering all their questions and queries is the one which gets the purchase. If your customers can not wait, add the Smartsupp live chat widget.

Talking with Smartsupp CEO – Vladimir Sandera, he described the results of a big case study of a famous Czech e-shop. “The e-shop has over 200 000 visitors per month. We could see that the visitors chatting with the e-shop salespeople had the conversion rate of 12,6 %, meanwhile the non-chatting visitors had the conversion rate of 1,7 % – which means live chat leads to 7 times better conversion rate! We also discovered that the visitors who were chatting made larger orders on average, so every chatting visitor is valuable.”

In this article, I will just focus on how to get the maximum of the Smartsupp free version for your Webnode business website and e-shop. Here are some advantages of having a live chat on your website:

  • You will provide faster average response time to your potential customers, increasing the opportunities of selling more.
  • Improving your customer satisfaction index will help you build trust among your clients.
  • Live chat widget allows you to see how many visitors are on your website in real time, including the ones that are not chatting with you.
  • You can collect and save the email addresses of your visitors in order to use them for your email marketing campaigns.

How to Insert the Smartsupp Live Chat Widget to Your Webnode Website

The first step is to sign up to the Smartsupp system. Once you have access to your account, the system will generate the embed code that you can insert to your site.
Embed code of the Smartsupp live chat widget

Copy the embed code of the Smartsupp live chat widget

Then copy the embed code that appears in the frame and insert it into your Webnode site or e-shop with “embed code” function. If you don’t remember the way to do it, please follow this tutorial.

If you want the live chat window to appear on every page of your site, not only in the homepage, please follow the next steps to add the embed code through the “Advanced settings” of Webnode editor:

  1. Go to the editor of your project.
  2. Click on “Templates” and choose the “Advanced settings” in the menu displayed.
  3. Once inside, click on the button “More” and choose the option “Embed code” to paste the code you have copied.

Inserting the widget in the "Advanced settings"

Inserting the widget in the “Advanced settings”

I hope this widget will help you improve the relationships with your customers and increase your sales. If you like the idea and want to create your own online store, check step by step guide.

Do you want me to write about any other widget for your business? Suggest it in the comment section below.