Top 10+1 Webnode Websites of 2014

2014 is a very special year for us. Webnode has reached the milestone of 18M users worldwide. So it’s time to recognize some of our most talented webmasters of this year. Their flair for design, know-how and online success helped them to be voted as the most popular among our Webnode teams.

This list can be a great source of inspiration for improving your own website. Browse each website carefully and have a pen and paper close to you. Write down the best ideas that you could apply to your website. Let’s get going!

1. Châssis de Wallonie: A business website created by a Belgium company of the same name specialized in installation of doors and frames. It is worth mentioning for its design with customized buttons including pictures, a smart way of using forms and the option for downloading pdf files directly from the website.

Homepage of Châssis de Wallonie

2. Email Tool Tester: A German website created around one of the most effective online marketing tools for bringing traffic to a website: the email marketing. It gives advice on how to create a newsletter to promote your products and services, what tools to use, etc. Highlights: simple structure, clever use of comparative tables and including multimedia formats for content presentation.

Homepage of Email Tool Tester

3. Necesito Reformar: A website created for a Spanish company dedicated to reconstructions and renovations of buildings. Note the full customization of the template, aligning the design to the core business, the buttons made from icons that allow more intuitive browsing experience and the content strategy of the blog.

Homepage of Necesito Reformar

4. Rocking Booking: A website created for a Czech music agency that represents very well-known local bands and provides complete service related to music production. It uses the Nevia template that allows you to change the background picture easily. Also, notice the Google calendar widget and the Fans Box widget inserted right below the heading of each article dedicated to a different music band.

Homepage of Rocking Booking

5. Mebel V Dom: A website made for a small business that was born from a hobby: home furnishing design. This warm website can be distinguished for using a template that offers 1st level menu in vertical position and secondary levels oriented horizontally. It uses the forms widget on the homepage to obtain email addresses for sending newsletters, and it contains the widget of the most popular Social network in Russia: Vkontakte.

Homepage of Mebel V Dom

6. Easy Stock Compras: Brazilian e-shop that offers products for businesses like bars, restaurants and hotels, and provides a prompt delivery service. Our Portuguese team chose it for its attractive and functional design, the intuitive categorization of products and great descriptions. High quality product pictures are also a plus.

Homepage of Easy Stock Compras

7. Lunigiana: Italian website built by the Tour Operators Association of Lunigiana in order to promote the territory and associated tourist businesses. Our Italian team voted for this website because of its quality content and beautiful pictures, the adaptation of the content to different languages and a great way of working with the Webnode editor.

Homepage of Lungiana

8. Instaprint: A Spanish online print service that allows customers to order their print in a wide range of formats, It’s distinguished by its fully customized design, more than 250 colorful images, customized banners and live chat widget to provide fast customer care.

Homepage of Instaprint

9. Geração Rubro Negra: A website created to be the point of reference for the supporters of the Brazilian football club Flamengo. The community of more than 600k members in social networks proves that the creators can really connect with the fans. Their own customized template and the frequency at which they add new content are really worth mentioning.

Homepage of Geração Rubro Negra

10. Kailua Navi: A website that works as an information point for Japanese tourists that visit Kailua (Honolulu County, Hawai). Our Japanese team chose it as the web of the month, among other important aspects, because of the clever use of product list and Google Maps in the website.

Homepage of Kailua Navi

10+1. If you are still wondering what is website number +1 of this list, don’t guess any more, it’s yours! Share it with us now in the comment section and add a screenshot if you can.

We want to thank you for all your attention this year and wish you the best for 2015. Please get a warm hug from our Webnode team. Happy New Year! Are you planning to create your own website? Try this step-by-step guide.