Sticky and Breeze: New template concepts for the Webnode Community

Sticky and Breeze: New template concepts for the Webnode Community

Everyday there are more people getting online, more businesses, more visitors and we have to become more creative. This encourages us to keep creating unique designs as well as new functional features. So in order to help you grow, we have launched Sticky and Breeze, 2 template sets like you´ve never seen before.

Sticky and Breeze are 2 new sets of templates that are very visual and have a wide range colors. They offer new creative and functional capabilities that will make it easier to engage your customers and visitors. And of course, like the Trendy, Stylic & Inspire template sets, they have a responsive design which allows them to adapt to any screen resolution, whether its desktop or mobile, so you wont lose any visitor engagement.

Sticky is Webnode’s first panoramic template

In order to improve the web-browsing experience of your visitors that have widescreen formats (laptops, tablets or smartphones), the new Sticky template set offers a much wider editable space. Including narrower margins for a more visual website.

Webnode - Template set Sticky Blue

The new template set for panoramic screen formats

Sticky allows you to delete the header just by changing the “page layout”. So now you will be able to welcome your visitors with more dynamic content such as videos, slideshows or even photo galleries.

Webnode - Template set Sticky Grey

The new template set Sticky is available in 10 color combinations

Breeze is the first template where the background picture is highlighted

The background picture has always been used as an element for creating lively visual atmosphere. Being sometimes used for transmitting a feeling and other times to strengthen the corporative image of a business. Breeze goes beyond providing a space in the central column of the page in order to make the background picture highlighted. Being background and foreground at the same time. A totally new creative concept to engage your visitors even more. You will be able to overlap a heading over the background picture, insert the widget buttons of different social networks to gain more followers and also, other kind of buttons that will drive your visitors to the sections of your website that you want to point out.
Webnode - Template set Breeze Red

The new template set Breeze overlap a heading over the background picture

Just as the template set Nevia, you may also change the background picture of your website with ease. You just have to make click on the button “settings” in the tool bar of your editor. Then select “Heading” and finally, click on “image of the website”. Now you can upload the picture that you want to set as your background.
Webnode - Template set Breeze Brown

The new Breeze templates come with a customizable background image

If you want to try the new sets of templates Breeze and Sticky on your website, go to your editor and click on “Website Template”. Afterwards, click on “business categories” and scroll all the way to the button, where you will find all the new sets of templates suitable to every device. If you need further information about how to change a template, please follow this tutorial.

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