Châssis Wallonie: An open door to the new web of the month

This month, we open the “online door” of Châssis Wallonie (Frames of Wallonie), a Belgian company specialized in the installation of frames and doors. Not only you will see a great website, you’ll also be inspired by this great example of how to to make a successful website for business. Keep reading to learn a lot.

The site was created by Michel Baldacchino for the frames and doors company Châssis Wallonie: “Our structure includes four companies that are active in various fields of the market. Some of them are in business for already more than 20 years. We came together to offer better support to our customers, to meet their needs and their expectations while respecting their budget. ”

Mr. Baldacchino gives a lot of credit to have a business website: “It´s essential for a company nowadays. It helps us to talk about the company itself, our products and services, but mostly to show our know-how and keep a constant connection with our potential customers seeking this industry. ”
Homepage of Châssis de Wallonie

A great design and structure to offer the best user browsing experience

Châssis Wallonie uses the responsive template Trendy.This model is easy to setup and proves clear visibility for the customers”. Moreover, this template fits all devices and visitors can browse with their mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets as comfortably as on their computer.

The potential customer finds all the necessary information very fast thanks to the clever organization of the homepage. A great example is how Mr. Baldacchino shows all the products and services available – each of them has its own image. By clicking on the image, all the related information of the product will be shown in an individual page.
The range of products offered on the Home Page

The range of products offered on the home page

If a customer wants to know more about the selected product, he can download the product catalog in pdf format, as shown here:

And also, another great thing you should consider for your business website: a Call To Action button to encourage visitors to do some action of your interest. In this case, the CTAs suggest visitors to request a personalized quote contacting directly the company. This buttons have been made using a picture and inserting a hyperlink, driving users to a contact form specific for the product.
CTA Chassi de Walloine

“Get a quote” – Call To Action Button

The company has a new logo that tastefully combines red and blue. And since the colors in the entire website are in harmony with the logo, the site design is more consistent and professional looking. Also, the logo is shown as a favicon – the icon that appears next to the address bar of your browser. You can create a favicon for your website too!

Châssis Wallonie´s logo

2 smart ways to use the forms

As we have already mentioned, Châssis Wallonie offers users to reach the company by filling a short contact form. Whether they need to get a personalized quote or ask any question. But there´s another very interesting way to use the form and that is as an email collector for sending newsletters to customers. The newsletter is a great tool to keep the customers updated in everything related to the company. New products, offers, services and even upcoming events.

Having a website is “crucial”

The Webmaster of Châssis Wallonie has managed to create a really attractive and well organized site, despite the fact that he doesn’t have any special knowledge in this field. “Webnode is simple and intuitive solution that matched my knowledge of creating websites that, I must say, was not extensive. But thanks to being part of this technological generation, I can easily understand the proposed solution.”

He realizes that creating a business website is crucial, but it should not mean that you can rest on your laurels: “Having a website is good, but if people think it´s enough, they are already making a bad decision. That will impact the development of their business. I devote a little time to keep it alive, using social networks to point to my site regularly, investing a small budget in Google Adwords campaigns, creating link exchanges with other websites related to my market for better references, using my newsletter to keep in touch with my clients / visitors, etc. In a nutshell, if you are not dynamic enough, your competitors will always be better than you..

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