Success Story: Engagement is the key to your website popularity

Success Story: Engagement is the key to your website popularity

When you add hard work, passion and a popular topic to your website, you can get great numbers. This is the case of the site Geração Rubro Negra Flamengo (fans of Flamengo football club) that represents the supporters of Flamengo club. Through an excellent connection with their visitors they achieved 535 000 followers on their Facebook page and 90 000 followers on Google + making their website known as well. If you are curious about how you can create a successful football website, be sure to read the interview.

You can find many sites about football, but the site is undoubtedly a great example of how to create a real connection with your visitors. Constantly updated with relevant content to the community they really know what type of information to give and when to give it.

Geração Rubro Negra homepageGeração Rubro Negra homepage

Carlos, knowing that devotion for football in Brazil is more than passionate, can you tell us how this website came about and what you intended to convey to the fans of the Flamengo club.

The website was created as a reference to the Rubro-Negros who love Flamengo. Our story begins in 2010 with starting the fan page Flamengo – Geração Rubro-Negra – GRN-OFFICIAL, being that we were the first fan page on Facebook related to Flamengo, Flamengo did not have one when we started!

How did you get such a huge number of fans?

The impressive fact in all of this is that, we never used any other types of media. We have reached these 535 000 followers without any other advertising methods. We are very proud to have this many followers on Facebook!

The community we created goes beyond the website and Facebook and today we also have followers on Google+ and Twitter, adding more than 90 thousand people to GRN.

How does your website benefit from having such a large social media community?

By having a large audience on Facebook that are also very loyal to the GRN, it facilitates our life in relation to visits to the website. We are with GRN since 2010 and we have already created an identity and gained the trust of our followers. We are eternally grateful to our audience for their patience and faithfulness!

Our publicity basically works via Facebook, it is not ‘word of mouth‘‘, but ‘face to face‘‘. The more likes, shares and comments we get, the more followers we will attract. We also have a partnership with Google + which also helps to spread the word.

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The presence that you have on social networks is impressive. Besides 625 000 followers, you are constantly updating your content and always have loyal followers that never fail to participate. Carlos, can you explain to us how it is with managing your social networking?

Our update is a daily process, of course, all within reasonable time. We should not leave the Rubro-Negros followers with old news. We believe that we still need to improve our social network management. Our faithful followers deserve our care and attention, so we will invest in contests and giveaways in future. They deserve it! We try to put as much time and attention as possible to the management of Facebook, but of course, it is impossible to cover 24 hours a day, we need to sleep, eat and see our families.

Google + page - Geração Rubro Negra

Google + page – Geração Rubro Negra

We were very surprised with the organization and design of your site whether it is the use of the CSS tool that makes the site interesting to visitors, or the unique and always updated content that puts your website in the first places of Google’s results.

As you know, Webnode offers many possibilities for creating a website and we just had to change some features of the website via the CSS tool, making a viable site for our work. Today we have two people maintaining the website.

We know that the content of our site is very important, and we believe that any good website about football should always contain relevant and updated news.

We wish Carlos and his partner the best with their Webnode website and we really appreciate that they have shared the story of talent and hard work with us. We are sure we will be hearing a lot about their website in future!

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