Success Story – “I want an Eshop like yours”

Historias de Éxito: “Quiero una tienda como la tuya”Behind every major celebration there is a great dream. When someone puts their trust in your business to make that dream come true, there is no better way to respond than the way “Una Boda Como La Tuya” (A Wedding Like Yours) does. This is confirmed by the number of customers and the “Wedding Awards 2014” prize from, the most visited and most popular Spanish Wedding Shop Portal. We had a chance to sit down with the owners, Marta and Leticia, who revealed to us the secrets behind the success of their fantastic Online Shop that is always ready to make the most important day in the life of their customers an unforgettable experience.

The majority of Online startups have a similar story to tell about their creation. You are looking for something, can not find it and decide to be the one who offers a solution. Marta and Leticia share with us the story of how Una Boda Como La Tuya began. “Marta was asked to organize a special and different wedding. An unforgettable celebration! It was hard to find designer items in an online store, as it was difficult to find very specific ideas. While planning this wedding with personality, she came up with a great new idea to create a small online shop that will serve the people who look for something different for their wedding”.
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Online Shop – Una Boda Como La Tuya (A Wedding Like Yours)

A Startup success based on 3 pillars

UBCLT made the difference thanks to the perfect balance between product design and great customer service. Combined with energy, these elements bring even greater guarantees of success to the whole venture.

An original product – All items are made and designed by Marta and Leticia. All products have been conceived based on customers‘ individual wishes and demands. In their shop you can find everything from Vintage Pins (its star product), invitations, canvases for photocalls and even video-mades. These videos are illustrated by hand and embody the ideas, emotions, and stories of their clients, always with dedication and personalized treatment. “Each client has a story and each story is a unique pictorial piece, this is one of our main principles”.

Example of video made by Una Boda Como La Tuya

The design is your identity – apart from the design of their products, they have also developed the corporate identity of their online store business in the same spirit that created this unique atmosphere around their work. “Thanks to the great help of Webnode’s technical support, namely Cristóbal Gutiérrez, we were able to accommodate Webnode’s template to maintain our brand image. Cristóbal gave us clear and simple guidelines. Moreover, ever since we moved the website to Webnode, our orders increased, as it is now way more attractive and intuitive in terms of one’s online shopping experience.”

The way to serve the customers – “I love their products, there are so different and original. I ordered vintage pins and even if they looked nice in the photos, you cannot imagine my feeling when I received them and saw how much more beautiful they really were. The order took only two days to arrive and it also included a gift inside”. Thanks to their attitude towards customers, they can be proud of more than 30 reviews with 100% positive feedback on portal. Good reviews generate trust among potential customers seeking information in order to make a purchase. What helps customers to decide which store to buy from? According to a report published by Pure360, 76% of customers check the comments and reviews from other customers before they do a purchase.

Effort is always rewarded

The hard work of UBCLT has been recognized by obtaining the “Wedding Award 2014” of, the 9th most visited website in its category (Shopping Weddings) globally, and the 1st in Spanish speaking countries, according to SimilarWeb. “This award was important and raised awareness on our work. Many customers discovered us this way. To be among the winners was a surprise that made us keep working with even more excitement and enthusiasm. We were very grateful. After that award, we added a recommendation form to our website as a way to show the satisfaction of our customers.”

We sincerely thank Marta and Leticia for sharing their insping story with us, and wish them all the best for their online store. As the third point of their E-shop‘s manifesto says: “Come in, think, and leave saying: I want A Wedding Like Yours“)

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