Success Story: Webnode Simplified My Life

A Success Story: Webnode Simplified My LifeThis month, as a Webnode success story, we’d like to present the website of Mr. Marco Tonelli. After the flood of the Lunigiana territory in Italy on October 25, 2011 in, he was inspired, along with the Association of Tour Operators of Lunigiana, to create a website to help raise awareness of this area, located between the beautiful regions of Tuscany, Liguria and Emilia Romagna. You can find everything you need for a holiday or just a trip to Lunigiana on this clear, informative, stylish and above all, very interesting website.

Marco tells us how the idea of creating a website sprang up, and more importantly, what he wanted to convey with the site.

The website rose from the wishes of a group of people who work in hospitality and tourism. They wanted to help visitors use Lunigiana services more easily, through the coordination and collaboration of tour operators and the promotion and development of initiatives aimed at enhancing the area, with typical products and events that take place.

The incentive for the website began with the tragic events of the flood that hit this beautiful and little known region on October 25, 2011, which gave rise to the Association of Tour Operators of Lunigiana.

His intention was also to inform visitors about all available activities in the region.

The site therefore has been created not only to describe what you can find in this area located in the Province of Massa-Carrara, but also and above all to provide information about initiatives managed by members, events and shows in the area, as well as to connect the user to social networks and other websites related to the association, where tourists can instantly find real-time updates, pictures, maps and more.

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The homepage of

The website design shows that it was done by a true expert, with modifications to the CSS in a small dose to make the site clear for visitors. The design includes a responsible use of widgets, but most of all, great content that renders it visible on Google.

The website is continuously updated. We’re anticipating new sections and other languages besides English, which was just completed. The graphics were created by applying and customizing (making small changes in CSS and images) a Webnode template that inspires serenity and content clarity at the same time. However, this will soon be changed to a responsive template as well as a mobile version, and will be updated with one of the new forms recently released. The Administrator & Editor access function has proved very useful for the members of the Association, who can enrich the content in their own area of expertise. Finally, I’d like to thank Webnode, that by using its SEO tools and widgets, has helped place the site on the first page of search engine results by simply typing the word “Lunigiana”.

Maintaining the website is certainly a steady job, which is obvious after a few clicks, including a version in English. All this was made possible by the versatility and simplicity of Webnode, that Marco has found unique among website builders.

The website was designed by me, with the collaboration of Andrea Pellini and contributions by other members of the AOTL. The English translation was done by Simona Polli. At the start of our project, I recommended Webnode to members of the association. Compared to other platforms, I found it was easier to add content even by less experienced people, and at the same time, it was flexible for people like me who wanted to change parts of the pre-defined templates and adapt them to our needs.

I learned about Webnode online while looking for simple alternatives and experimented with it while creating a website for a friend. Currently, I manage 5 projects and I’m a collaborator of three (to whom I recommended Webnode). I’ve created an experimental project for my 7 year old son who can manage the site by himself, by adding his drawings and comments. What can I say: Webnode has simplified my life!

We wish Mark, his partner Andrea Pellini, and all the members of the AOTL, the best for the future with their Webnode website. We’d also like to thank them for their availability for this interview and the dedication they have towards the project.

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