Metwou: A Consultancy Represented Online

As our Web of the Month, this time we’re presenting an inspiring business website skillfully designed for the company Metwou – Management action consultancy. Metwou helps and supports businesses to deliver successful outcomes. We found the website to be a great example of what a real professional website should be like.

The Story of the Project

Denise Gerrard, change consultant coach and trainer of the UK, has built her website for the promotion of her consultancy Metwou (“Me Two U”). You’ll find all the information you need on her website with it’s easy-to-use layout and simple organization. Template Stylic was an excellent choice for consultancy web design due to its clean, subtle colors.

Denise tells us, My website came about after I had left corporate land and I decided to utilize my skills and, experience. But where to start, how would I get my products and services to market presence? I thought you needed to be pretty techie and savvy to produce your own website, but I wanted to give it a go as opposed to hiring a website developer.

Homepage of Metwou

Homepage of

To my amazement, I came across a site with lots of templates ready to use and all one had to do was pick one and off you go, easy-peasy, not! As the saying goes, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’, but boy, I was soon to find out.

The website tools looked easy, but in reality it was a pain in the neck to handle, a bit like driving a car without a steering wheel. Eventually, I got to master its quirky and frustrating little oddities, like trying to decipher Chinese – I’m sure the translation was in there somewhere, but I’m blowed if I had the inclination or will for that matter having spent hours, no come to think about it days, trying to get to grips with uploading and formatting. Eventually, after pulling my hair out and deciding not to touch it unless I really needed to, I left it to stagnate.

And then… one day, I happened to come across Webnode. Well, I decided to give it a go and I’ve never looked back. Love the try before you buy option. It does exactly what it says on the tin and I upload, format and change anything I want in no-time at all (seconds) and it looks so much more professional. And, before I forget to mention, the customer service is amazing, I actually got to speak with a human-being, Mathew is his name, friendly, professional and provided great customer service.

Thank you Webnode, great product, great service and you do what you say on the tin! I liked you so much I created another site. Now I have two sites – check my other site at if you get time (forgive the push and pun!).

Straightforward Navigation

The website’s organization is simple and intuitive. The 6-tab menu gives us a quick overview of what we can find on the website. One of the most important tabs, Services, leads us to the pages of the website that are each dedicated to a particular service.


Menu tabs and Services

Visual Elements to Enrich Information

The website is equipped with elements that enhance the description of services. The use of a slideshow makes for a dynamic platform. On this page you can find a Slideshare widget embedded on the website, providing further information for users.


An embedded Slideshare widget

We also noted the efficient use of charts and graphs to highlight the processes and techniques used during the different services offered.

Inserted charts for better understanding

A Personal Touch

As visitors to the website, we felt welcome to browse the website and learn more about the services. Visitors will feel at ease contacting Metwou, thanks to the excellently designed About page, complete with Denise Gerrard’s picture, her mission, and a list of testimonials.

The Contact page filled with time and availability, a map, as well as a Contact form invites users to call or write with any inquiries. If you want a Contact form on your own website, take a glance at our tutorial.

Thank you Denise, for sending us your story. We wish you the best of luck for the future.

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