A Thai Webshop Crafted with Webnode

Webnode e-shop Thai Crafts was chosen for our web of the month of May. The e-shop sells 100% genuine handmade crafts, which are designed and created by locals of North Thailand. With the help of their website, the Thai crafts team aims to offer a great opportunity to the community to promote their crafts all around the globe. Let’s take a look at their website with Webnode.

The website www.thai-crafts.com, created with Webnode, is an online store made to sell handmade products to support the local people of Thailand. The simple design makes the website a very effective platform for selling products. The template chosen for the website is from Category J for e-shop templates. The colors of the template reflect the earthiness of the material of the handmade crafts.
Homepage of Thai crafts

Homepage of Thai crafts

Excellent product organization

The e-shop includes six categories of products, divided by type. Each product is complete with a descriptive title, a high-quality photograph, and further product details. The webmaster also included a review of the product written by a customer. A review is highly important for your e-shop, it helps them decide on a purchase.

The products are displayed on a white, neutral background, making it easier for visitors to view them. And what’s more, the webmasters have included additional pictures in the product description so we have a full view of the product. You’ll also find special offers posted on the homepage, highlighting them for first-time visitors.
product description with review

Product description with review

Professional site elements

The page with Terms and conditions, recommended for any e-shop, provides the shop policies to customers who are interested in buying. The website also runs on its own domain name, giving the website a unique identity and reinforcing brand value.

A ShareThis widget spans the bottom of the page to invite visitors to like the page and share it on various social networks.

The custom-made favicon on the website’s browser tab adds value to the website. If you’re interested in making your own favicon for your website, check out this tutorial.

Piangjai Erdmann, owner of the shop, says, “The idea behind the website is for the local products of Thailand (special from the north around Chiang Mai) to be known in the world. So we decided to put these products up for sale via a website. Now we are glad to get some support from Webnode to make our page known. As a Thai, it is also our heart’s desire to promote the local craftsmanship and support.”

Congratulations Piangjai Erdmann on your website!

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