Success Story: When Light Meets the Shadows “Light of Shadows” has appeared! Today we’re pulling one of our webmasters at Webnode out of the shadows. With such a great name, it’s really hard to be in the shade. “Light of Shadows” is a project dedicated to photography, but it’s not the key point, what’s more important is to evoke and share positive emotions with everybody. It started as a family business, but now it is more as collaboration of creative and talented people brought together under one roof to make life in the city a bit brighter and more colorful. Damir and Irina will tell us more about it.

How did you get started in photography and event organization?

DamirDamir: Photography for me is a hobby. It all started by inheriting a Zenith camera together with its little brother Kiev- 30. But to my regret , photography consumes a lot of time and requires the desire to travel. In recent years, I have practically no spare time. Despite this, I continued to follow my dream. 5 years ago I bought a digital camera. Photography has become easier , there was no need to develop the film and print pictures myself. Time passed and unbeknownst to me, my wife Irina also began to show an interest in photography. She became so fascinated that she decided to become a professional. So in 2009 our family got a new photographer. At the same time, I started video shooting, static images stopped being interesting to me. It was an era of video-making. Together we came to the conclusion that we need to change our equipment. In 2010, Irina devoted herself professionally to photography. It was time to create a website, choose a name and a recognizable brand image.

Why the name?

Damir: We don’t support the cult of personality, although for a photographer it’s unavoidable. That’s why we decided to start with the creation and promotion of our brand. The name was suggested by my dad, he was amused by the pun. He said “Light of Shadows” has different meanings, first of all a picture is a combination of light and shadow, yet at the same time it’s a bit absurd, because light cannot produce shadows. We liked it immediately and kept it. The logo we came up with after was just the capital letters C and T («Свет Тени» is “Light of Shadows” in Russian), one with a white and the other with a dark background. It’s quite logical. The rectangle shape fit perfectly to the letters. And if you add it to the photos, it looks like a small, cute label.

Tell us about your company. How many people work with you?

Damir: Light of Shadows is the professional business of my wife, Irina. One day we came up with the idea of offering packages that include a range of services for all sorts of events such as weddings, birthdays, presentations, etc. Comedians and showmen, our friends, and Anatoly Ledovsky Eugene Lisin, creative duet “Gosti” (“Guests” in Russian) have all joined our project. Currently, we are preparing to provide further services: bartenders, musicians, artists of various types, etc. We have big plans for our project. But for me, it’s not the main activity, and therefore the realization of our ideas is slower than we’d like. My wife and I are both managing this project.

What for you was the biggest success in your work and life in general? What do you remember most about the job?

IrinaIrina: For me, success is self-realization. Like many photographers, popularity came to me when I was focused on wedding photography. This is my favorite genre. Weddings are the birth of a new family, they are always full of real people, emotions from joy to tears , and I love to catch them. “Choose a job you like, and you do not have to work a single day in your life” (Confucius) . That’s the point. I found this in photography, it’s my source of success and happiness. The most remarkable person I made picture was Alina, a go-go dancer. She’s an amazing person. Remember the legend about DJ Frankie Wilde? He went completely deaf, but he was strong and returned to the stage. My client Alina, went deaf at the age of 8. Despite of this, she leads a very active life, working, studying at university, has a daughter, and she practices judo. I don’t know sign language, but while working with Alina it wasn’t necessary. We understand each other without words. Her photos also appear on our website, a very sincere collection called “Temptation”. Also every wedding has bright and interesting moments, something special. For example, at one of the weddings we were shooting, we met the groom’s great-grandfather, who was 97 years old, and he was still a very cheerful gentleman.

Photo from the wedding: Great-grandfather of the groom

How do you usually spend your working day?

Irina: Normally a day starts “yesterday” =), I mean, the day before. Of course, it all starts with preparing equipment and planning the shooting times and locations. If we’re talking about a wedding, I will follow newlyweds like a shadow and stay with them till the lights go off. It’s not easy, it lasts about 12-14 hours. This is just shooting itself, and then sorting, processing, correcting, retouching, organizing, printing, etc., but it’s working life.

How did you choose Webnode? What attracted you to it the most?

Damir: While creating the project, I went through a myriad of website builders. I didn’t have so many requirements. The most important was that it should be simple and easy to use so that I can easily style the site, without changing the template code. My dream web builder would need to have features as simple as adding photo albums, videos, in one click as well as ease of navigation and ergonomic content blocks within the templates. And last but not least , the cost of maintenance. As the project is at the starting level, and all investments come from our family budget, it should not be very expensive. We were attracted primarily by Webnode’s ergonomic design and functions. Easy website creation is the distinctive feature of this web builder. And we are satisfied with Webnode’s prices as well.

The homepage featuring a slideshow

On the home page, the creators of the project used slideshow Slidely.

What’s your advice to those who, like you, would like to work in photography ?

Damir and Irina: Photography is an art. Creativity has no boundaries. All we can wish is a successful voyage across your imagination. To promote your business on the Internet,you must have some knowledge, and also to engage in marketing and promotion in general. You should at least understand what it is, and then try to reach your target. Our project is still young. In economic terms, our project is still before break-even point.

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