Golden Green: A Website Promoting Honey Products and More

Honey products in Golden GreenApril’s website of the month features Golden Green, a company committed to preserving our resources and biodiversity through innovative and environmentally friendly product solutions. Their specialty is honey, but also offer a wide range of health products. The website reflects the healthy and “green” perspective of this group. Keep reading!

The website of Golden Green,,was created by Denis Moeller, web admin and founder of the company. He brought German innovations in sustainable resources to Canada. Here is a little background information.

We come from a German beekeeping family, which is where our philosophy began. Working with bees has inspired us to explore different ways of preserving our natural resources. For example, recycling waste-water and carbon dioxide into biomass (a renewable energy source) or using the latest technology to photograph the forest with unmanned aircrafts.

For years, our family has been passionate about Canada and its untouched landscape. We have spent over 40 years connecting with Canadians and the land.
Golden Green

Homepage of Golden Green

The colors of the website closely adheres to the field of business, bright yellow like honey! The chosen template fits perfectly to the objectives, a streamlined, professional yet eye-catching style.

Organized in Style

The website, full of information about products, vendors, solutions, partners, etc. received an Atlax template, which helps the organization of menu tabs, leading to pages which have sub menus. This makes it very easy to browse on the website and find what we’re looking for.

Sub menus in the website

If we navigate to the product page, we see an image of every product, a description, and product details (price, packaging, ingredients). There is a small introduction of every product and linked them to more detailed description, so visitors can have a fast overview of all products. A great product page informs visitors of each product as soon as they enter the website. As a result, a good informative page brings more sales!

Product descriptions

The page about Partnerswas designed with the use of banner links. The partner logos, when clicked, redirect us to further information about the business. This is an elegant way to give visitors the choice to read more about a certain partner if they are interested. If you’d like to enhance your website with banner links, see our tutorial.

A Friendly Approach

We enjoyed discovering the small nuances that make this website interesting for visitors. A thoughtful quote, a personal message, and some fun facts (20 amazing honey bee facts), all brought us closer to the business, and as a result, the product as well. Don’t be afraid to take a friendly approach on your business page, you’ll notice that your visitors and customers will appreciate it. Create a Testimonials section to share what customers have to say about your product.

Testimonial with an image

Golden Green’s excellent website can be an inspiration for anyone looking to create a professional yet friendly business page.

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