Explore South Africa with Incredible Cape Town

If you want to be inspired by a fantastic travel agency website, Incredible Cape Town is what you are looking for. A beautifully crafted website, Incredible Cape Town was created to promote small group, nature-based tours. Our team chose this website due to its simple, straightforward editing techniques and use of bright photographs. Embark on a journey to South Africa!

Web of the month winner www.incrediblecapetown.com will get you inspired for an exciting trip to Cape Town, South Africa.“This website is for tourists visiting Cape Town who are looking for adventure on their South African holiday. Our goal is not only to provide you with a first class personalised service, but also to promote Cape Town as a safe and exciting holiday destination.”

Incredible Cape Town

The home page of www.incrediblecapetown.com

Simple Content-Rich Design

What makes this website striking is the use of high-quality photographs on every page. As a travel company, the main aim of the site is to attract and convince visitors to go on a tour or safari.

What’s a better way to make travel destinations appealing than adding breathtaking photographs? Check out the photo gallery that will fly your imagination to beautiful beaches and exhilarating safaris.

Photo gallery

The website features a wealth of information on tours, hikes, safaris, and other outings in South Africa. On the homepage, you can see the categories of tours you can choose from and with a simple “Read more” button, you are directed to the description of individual tours.

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Tour description with Read More button

The website offers useful tips on traveling in Cape Town. You’ll also find tour ideas, complete with a day-by-day plan, each complete with a route map, in case you want to embark on a trip on your own. In fact, these sections are complete with keywords that will bring interested visitors to your website. All in all, this travel site contains the information you need to choose the perfect tour for your holidays.

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Itinerary complete with a route map

Easy Navigation

Clean and clutter-free design is what makes the website so easy to navigate. We’ve gathered these design tips for you in case you’d like to achieve the same with your website.

  • Use same-size photographs in one content block or space.
  • Divide text into logical paragraphs.
  • Be consistent with fonts. Choose 2, 3 fonts maximum and apply them throughout your website.
  • Too many hyperlinks are easily overseen. Create buttons to guide your visitors.

Congratulations Michal on your well-designed website. It is an inspiration to many. If you’d like to find more ideas on how to make a travel website, check out our article on “Website Design for Your Travel Agency“.

If you’d like your website to be featured on our blog next month, submit zour web address to web-of-the-month@webnode.com. We look forward to seeing your site! Don’t forget to read the guide on how to create a business website.