The Top 10 Webnode Websites of 2013

February 26th, 2014

The Top 10 Webnode Websites of 20132013 has been a year of discovery. We’ve unearthed a myriad of beautiful websites made with Webnode that we absolutely have to share with you.  Here are ten of the most stunning websites from last year that are guaranteed to spark your creativity.

Browse through these unique creations all made possible by talented Webnode webmasters. Note that the list below is of no particular order.

1. Dicas de Savana, a stylish and modern site for sharing fashion tips, trends, and product reviews.

Dicas de Savana

2. The website of Rock Opera Praha, a rock theater in Prague, shares information on live rock concerts, theater shows, and more. 

Rock Opera Praha

World in Words










3. Be inspired for your next trip with World in Words, a travel magazine that features articles about unique destinations around the world.

4. The impressive business website of Flaminger, a company selling windows, doors, and other home improvement products.


5.  How to get 1 million fans on Facebook? Ciara Molina has done it, with the help of her comprehensive website on emotional psychology.

RybadesignCiara Molina - Psicóloga Emocional


6. From baked goods to jewelry, Ryba Design share  and promote their artistic creations on their eye-catching site

7. The website of the Hull Wasps, a basketball team from Hull, England, is a black and yellow testimony to true online sports promotion. 

Hull Wasp Basketball Team

8. ProBeauty, a beauty studio in Prague, Czech Republic, emits an air of trust and professionalism for visitors who are interested in cosmetic care.


Podarki v Bulavke

9. Russian e-shop, Podarki v Bulavke, transports us into a magical world of beautiful gifts for children and adults.

10. Japanese music therapy center, Playful Notes, create a playful atmosphere already on their imaginative website.

Playful Notes

Each month we choose the most impressive website to share with our Webnode community. Participate by sending your website to our email address at

Which website did you like the most? Share your thoughts below!

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