FormulaRapida.Net: A Motorsports News Site Made with Webnode

Arnau Viñals Vendrell: webmaster of month we’re putting Formula Rapida under the spotlight, a Webnode website created for the latest news on motorsports. The website is incredibly rich with news about race events from MotoGP to Formula 1. Let’s take a look at this superb example of designing a successful news portal.

The man behind the wheel is Arnau Viñals Vendrell, webmaster of” was founded in February 2012 to share information about motorsports in the Catalan language.”

Motorsport Highlights in 4 languages

“The website is specialized in the World Series by Renault in 2013 and the team members have grown to 18 employees from Spain, Argentina, France, Italy and Russia. These are the locations from where the most visitors come to the website. That has enabled us to go to many events of the lower categories of Europe, and in the last months of 2013 in a Formula 1 Grand Prix.”


“The website is published in Catalan, Spanish , English and French using Webnode platform by the webmaster Arnau Viñals. The style of Webnode is very visual. You can always know exactly what to expect to see when you publish something. Our main job is to report about F1 and its lower categories on”

Continuous News Coverage

The website is neatly organized into different pages categorized by the type of competition. This makes the content very easy to navigate through. Additionally, the images that appear on each page invite us to click on the headlines to learn more about a news topic.

The most striking feature of the website is the continually updated news sections. You can start reading news highlights on Formula 1 right on the homepage as well as news in other categories. Each article, with the same layout, is preceded by an image and a Facebook comment box below for any comments. All images are published in a standard style throughout the website creating a feeling of consistency and professionalism.

Formula 1 news

Formula 1 news list

Not only is the website up-to-date but as visitors, we feel like we can keep in touch with the webmasters due to their strong presence on social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Flickr, can be found on all of these important social media sites. They can boast 553 fans on Facebook and 4708 followers on Twitter.

“We are very proud to have been chosen as web of the month. We hope to attract more fans and sponsors, which are always needed. A website like ours is useful for those who want to become a recognized brand.”

Congratulations Arnau on a remarkable job, is a wonderful multilingual website guaranteed to engage anyone interested in motorsports.

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