Web of the Month: Michalbarvik.com

Web of the month: Michal BarvikThe website of sports therapist and fitness trainer Michal Barvik was this month’s winning choice. Michal established his training sessions in Edinburgh and set up a website to promote his services and help his customers. Explore the structure and design of this nicely built fitness website.

Michalbarvik.com is the website Michal created for his massage therapy and fitness training sessions. Michal says on the website, “I would like to share my experiences of past 15 years in sport and fitness, as well as a sports therapist and give my clients full satisfaction.”

Michal Barvik sports therapist

The design of the website makes a strong impression due to its basic colors and clean layout. The chosen template is Serious, a good choice for a simple and professional look.

Michal has made it very easy to book an appointment, a must for any service that requires time scheduling. With the help of an appointment booking widget, anyone can book an appointment for any service he offers. The widget features a pop-out tab on the right side of the page which opens a booking window with a list of all available services. Booking is complete in 3 steps.

The huge icons of three social networks really pop out at the bottom of the homepage, inviting us to click and become a fan or opt for this method of communication.

We really like that Michal published his awards and certificiates, which reassure potential customers that they are contacting a professional. The page also includes his own words, which give us the sense that we know something about him already. In addition, a complete Testimonials page with the reviews and opinions from a number of Michal’s clients, further instills a feeling of trust and familiarity.

Michal is active in a number of fitness fields, and the website offers us an inside look into each one with an in-depth description. From sports massage to group training, each page explains the benefits of each form of movement allowing us to make an informed choice about the exercise that is right for us.

fitness training

“For me personal training is not only about getting a great workout, it should also be a learning experience for you to be able to create and continue your own routines to improve your personal fitness level. My workouts and exercises are based on my own experiences and I am constantly researching and keeping up to date with the latest trends.”

Congratulations Michal on your website, it was a pleasure to browse around and we wish you continued success with your business!

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