New Generation of Templates Designed for All Devices

December 18th, 2013

New responsive templates in Webnode Who among us would not want to read the latest news on the way to work? Visits from mobile devices this year increased by 20% and the number is still growing. Throughout 2013, Internet users have moved from PCs and laptops to mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, readers and other portable devices. For this reason, it was the mission of the designers and programmers at Webnode to adapt the websites accordingly. So from now on we’re creating templates with a responsive design – templates that enable convenient access to your website from practically anywhere!

Responsive design has become one of the biggest buzz phrases of the year. It is a method of designing a template in order for the website to be ready for any type of display device (not only computers but also various mobile phones, tablets, etc.). Responsive websites automatically detect what device the visitor is using and adapt the content and appearance of the site to the screen.

New responsive templates in Webnode

New responsive design templates in Webnode

The first two sets of these smart responsive templates for websites are already available for your Webnode website! Would you choose the elegant Trendy or the expansive Darko? Every template is available in ten different colors and for any website owner totally free!

Trendy Templates


Darko Templates

The new responsive templates can be found in the usual location – log in to your Webnode editor and click on “Website template” (for detailed instructions, see our help section). Search for the last two templates called Trendy and Darko.

You don’t want to give up your existing template, but want the same convenience for visitors? No worries! For all existing websites, Webnode has a wide range of mobile templates. They ensure proper display on mobile devices in earlier templates.

Which responsive template have you chosen? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments or on our Facebook and Google+ pages. We’re looking forward to your answers!

Olga Prokopová (130 posts)

New Generation of Templates Designed for All Devices by
  • olano

    Krásné! Jen houšť:)

  • Robert Thompson

    Awesome. Thank you Olga.

  • Great that you added these templates. If it only wasn’t so hard to find them. Is there an easy way to search for them?

  • Hi Robert

    Thanks for reaching us in our blog.

    There is a way to find the templates by name. If you go to the template list in the editor and you click on “Business Categories” you will see the templates divided in categories. please, scroll down and after the category names you´ll find the templates by name. And the last ones are the newest.

    I hope it will help.

    Have a nice weekend Robert.

    Team Webnode

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