Web of the Month Bishwamber’s Photography

Bishwamber's photography website

We’ve dedicated November to the website of Bishwamber’s Photography, a site created by Bishwamber, a talented photographer from India. We loved the elegant design of the website and breathtaking images in the photo gallery. Keep reading to discover more about this unique photography website made with Webnode!

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act

of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” -Ansel Adams

Bishwamber's photography website

As described on his website, webmaster Bish is a “B-Tech engineer by education, an IT professional by profession, a photographer by passion and a traveller by choice.”

Bish wanted to share his passion for photography online and decided upon Webnode. He was looking for a web builder that provides a quick publishing solution so his photos can be shared immediately. “Being a budding photographer is not an easy task. You need to make your works available for the people to see and criticise or appreciate. Hence a website was really important. It is then when the search for a webspace started and I came across Webnode. Thought of giving it a try and spend more than a week before I could get a satisfactory result.”

Bish was also looking for a web hosting solution that is easy to run and free of charge. “Well, I was looking for options on Google to build a website which has a CMS, is easy to maintain and of-course free to start with. It was then i stumbled upon Webnode and thought of giving it a try. It was satisfying journey since then.:)”

Let’s take a look at the website!

Bish chose Webnode template “Photolia” for creating his photo website, an excellent choice for publishing artwork of any kind. The dark background makes any image pop out on the screen and the slideshow feature allows viewers to easily skim through pictures!

A good photo gallery is certainly a key website element for photographers. Bish states, “My favorite or most used feature in Webnode is obviously the Photo Gallery and the Blog.” Visit the website and browse through well-organized albums of beautiful shots taken from around the world. Bish also runs a blog about his latest photographic adventures!

menu organization

Beautiful images stored in the photogallery

We really like how easy it is to contact Bish which is a very important feature to add in a website to reach out to interested viewers and get more customers. He added a Facebook plugin for fans to add comments on his About me page. It’s a great solution not only to establish trusting relations but also to spread awareness of his work on social networks.

social networking widget

Facebook comments to ease communication

To further connect with his followers, Bish also added a poll on the main page of his photogallery to ask visitors which album they enjoyed the most. A poll can be a quick and effective way to get opinions instantly from the website.

add a poll

A poll for instant visitor feedback

Congratulations, Bishwamber, on your stunning website. We really enjoyed browsing your website and discovering your work!

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