Website Design for Your Travel Agency

How to make a travel websiteWorking people enjoy their holiday most of all – the best vacation is usually some exotic destination. However, there’s high competition among travel agencies. The best marketing weapon in tourism is to run an attractive website. Create such an awesome website that people will start packing their suitcases immediately. We’ll show you how.

Your most important task is to choose a good template that will match people’s expectations and put them in the mood to travel. You can choose from a wide variety of unique templates.

Travel agency website templates

Webnode templates that have celebrated great success are Simplia, Clouds, Dolly, Serious or Atlax. Photolia is perfect for presenting beautiful photographs from abroad. Templates with a double menu Synoptic and Joyee are useful too, since they allow you to easily organize content-rich pages.

Synoptic template

Synoptic and Joyee templates allow you to create a double menu.


Remember also the unquestionable power of the header. Pay special attention to it. You must attract your visitors at first sight, so that they’ll never forget you. Remember that a good brand image is your greatest asset.

Add an attractive header to your website

Visitors should immediately know what goes on in your website by the header.


The visually strongest parts of a website are typically photographs. And here’s your biggest advantage: you’ll have a number of captivating photos of the places you recommend to your clients. Use them! To show off your tour offers, create a list, with each item accompanied by an illustrative photo. Plus, you can add photos to your article, or create a photogallery.

Add your special offers

Correctly formatted text complete with photos attract more attention than just plain text.

I would definitely recommend you to try the Photolia template with a sliding photogallery on the homepage, or Serious and Dolly templates, which let you display a slideshow. (You can also make and embed your own slideshow with the help of Slidely.)

Start building your own travel website at Webnode! Also, be sure to read the step-by-step guide on how to design a website.