How to Design a Hotel Website

Design a Hotel WebsiteWhen we wanted to choose a hotel years back, we were searching in a printed catalog. Today, we search on Google. We peruse the selection and the winning hotel is the one with appropriate quality, price and location. But if we don’t find relevant information – price, location, photos of the interior – we won’t care to choose it. A hotel must have the power to attract. In this article, we’ll see some interesting practical examples.
1) Showcase your offer
The first excellent example is Hotel Moskva. The owners know that if they want people to jump at an offer, just describing it is not enough. You have to show it to them. That’s why, their offer is divided into four groups that are distinctly showcased on the homepage. The title is easy to overlook. Images are more noticeable.

Showcase your offer

A similar display can be seen on the website of a family B&B. Heeding to the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, instead of a list, we see iconography of the services. What do you think, is there WiFi at the cottage?

Information icons

2) The most important thing has to be seen at first glance

Another good idea is inspired by Hotel Margit. When you have an interesting offer, create a nice banner that you place on your homepage just below the header, adding a link to your offer. Curious visitors will click on it quickly and jump to the current offer.

Find the current offer

3) Add a reservation form

Let’s take a look at Augies Hotel, who took advantage of the new Webnode form feature perfectly, offering its guests the opportunity to book a room online. Many people choose not to make calls, so it’s best to give them the option to book a room online.

Reserve a room

4) Include Your Rates

Guests won’t stay at a hotel unless they know how much it costs. A price list can be easily organized into a table as in AZ Hostel Prague.

Add the rates to your website

If you run a hotel website, your main task is to organize all information so that they its clear, easily accessible, and visually interesting. The Webnode web builder offers a variety of useful tools that will help you with that.

Are you interested in how to design a website? We have a detailed guide for you.