Get to Know the Latest Trends in Web Design!

July 12th, 2013

modern web designWeb development is advancing by leaps and bounds. If you don’t want your site to be scrapped, you have to keep up with the trends. Come and take a look at the ruling web design trends of 2013, and use them to customize your website!

A Header Spanning the Page

Modern templates have a significant header stretched across the page. Excellent for strengthening your corporate brand name, a header also highlights your logo and simultaneously builds the atmosphere of subsequent pages. Therefore, your customers immediately see what you offer.

modern web design

An airplane in the header tells us we found ourselves on a travel agency site

Everyone should pay maximum attention to the header of their website. The best scenario is finding a good graphic designer who will create a special header specifically for your website. You’ll see that it does wonders.

A Dynamic Presentation

A movable element can easily grab customer attention. Therefore, many of our users add a slideshow to the website or use our Serious template with the slideshow header.

Slideshow on


A Bright Background

Recently, major trends focus towards websites that are tuned up with a light background. Our template Simplia for example, has cheerful colors which inspire people to feel positive emotions.

modern webdesign

A World of Images

Surely you know that pictures attract much more attention than text. New trends in web design show websites largely made up of images. Notifications, that you added a new blog article, are already a thing of the past. Today you insert a picture right on the homepage, with perhaps a headline, and when someone clicks on the image, they’re redirected to the entire article. Just connect a picture with the link.

Modern web design

Modern design of website La Cigarra recalls Pinterest, the social network aimed at sharing files 

What trends do you think dominate webdesign? Tell us about them in the comments!

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Get to Know the Latest Trends in Web Design! by
  • lauraliciousy

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  • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. Visit our blog regularly to read up on the latest trends in web building!

  • Shyam

    Great article… i like it will help me

  • In the world of web design, a good tutorial can literally be a godsend.

  • Eric Anderson

    Thank you for giving the information. These tips will surely help me to design a new kind of website layout.

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  • Hello Shyam,
    happy to hear you enjoyed the article. Bookmark our blog for the latest web building tips!

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    Most of the sites you’ve picked have got strong and consistent
    typography. They happen to have a lot of big photographs too, but they
    are all very clean designs.

  • raj gupta

    Very good tutorial .Thank you for information.

  • Abhay Singh

    nice article thank for posting the valuable blog

  • Hello Raj Gupta, I’m very glad to hear you enjoyed the article, make sure to bookmark our blog for the latest updates!

  • Thanks for your comment! I chose these websites as excellent examples of today’s web design trends.

  • Hello Abhay, thanks for reading! Please check back to our blog to read the latest news in web design.

  • komal

    Dynamic Presentation

  • Thank you for reading!

  • I like that airplane header, it’s actually quite informative, and looks nice. I’m getting more and more disenchanted with simple headers.

  • Good article, It helped me a lot Thanks

  • Hello and thank you for your feedback!

  • Hi Cathie,
    I’m glad to hear you like our choice of headers. With the proper header, users can see exactly what the website is about.
    Viktoria Balint,

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    if your business website well designed and developed then your business get higher and more higher.

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  • Very impressive and informative share.
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  • Erik

    This is a nice read. Although these are some good tips but I believe you can add more design trends to this list. For example one latest trend is Single Page website. I am working with “best app developers” and most of them emphasis on a design which is simple and attractive from user point of you. Also there should be easy navigation so the user can easily navigate himself to the desire page. Still an awesome post.

  • Hello Erik,
    thanks for your feedback – this article is a bit old, right now we have new editor for business and personal pages with modern looks and more simple designs – I would recommend to check it out ;-)
    Roman, Webnode team

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