9 Tips to Choosing a Good Affiliate Program

Affiliate programsAffiliate programs are one of the most effective ways to earn money online. It is possible to find various types of programs on the market that promote a large variety of products. Therefore, we need to carefully select the Affiliate programs that we use on our website, so we can offer relevant products and quality service to our readers. In this article, I’ll show you the 9 essential points to choosing a good affiliate program.

1. Promote products related to your web content

The first tip I can give is perhaps the most important for a good converting affiliate. It’s important that your readers identify the product with the theme of your site. If your website is about mobile phones and applications, you can promote an affiliate program about cooking, but you probably won’t reach the same success as if you promoted a program related to mobile phones or technology.

2. Promoting products with good market acceptance

When promoting a product, research it first. Do a quick search online and look for people’s opinions about this product. Promoting products that have poor market acceptance can damage the image of your website. If a product is well-accepted, it will give you a better chance of sales, because people have a greater tendency to trust quality products.

3. Be the client of the product you promote

The best way for you to certify the quality of a product is to be a customer yourself. In some cases, this will not be feasible, because of the costs involved in purchasing the product. But in other cases, for example the Webnode Affiliate Program, you can try our product for free before promoting it.

4. Good commissions are an incentive

When we promote an affiliate program, we have a very clear intention: to make money online. Thus, commissions paid by affiliate programs are one of the most important factors in analyzing the program. If you consider the commission fair and motivating, surely this will give you extra motivation in promoting the program.At Webnode, we offer a very attractive commission to our Affiliates. Check out our table of commissions.

5. Promotional materials will boost sales

Before choosing an affiliate program, it’s important to check the promotional materials you get to promote the product. The most common methods are banners, but there may be other methods like sending ready-made text in a newsletter, for example product reviews or even publications optimized for sharing in social networks. In Webnode, you’ll find a wide variety of banners translated into your language that have excellent conversion rates.

6. Permissions for product promotion

Some affiliate programs have special conditions for promoting a product. For example, certain affiliate programs don’t allow you to create campaigns on Facebook for selling a product. Therefore, affiliates who run large Facebook fan pages won’t be interested in joining any affiliate program with such restrictions. Other programs may not allow you to create email campaigns or to create campaigns in Google AdWords.

In the case of Webnode, you can use your affiliate link to promote Webnode in almost all forms: newsletters, social networks, forums, blogs. The only conditions is that your website should not have a brand name like Webnode and you shouldn’t create paid search campaigns with keywords like Webnode or anything similar.

7. The importance of long-term gain

Earning money by promoting a good affiliate program in the long term is a factor sometimes overlooked. But this should not be the case. If you plan to have regular earnings for a period of time (and not just a short-term gain), it’s crucial to see if affiliate programs offer commission when the customer renews the product you recommended. This applies only to some affiliate programs, such as the Webnode affiliate program. When someone buys a product at Webnode recommended by you, you will make money by selling it in the future and when the customer renews the service, you earn an additional 10%.

8. Available payment methods

For you to earn money to disclose affiliate programs, it is essential that people buy the service you recommend. And that will only happen if the product has the right payment methods available to most people. For example, Webnode offers a large number of payment methods, which differ by country based on customer needs. In this way, anyone can buy the product if they’re interested, and you even earn money with your referral.

9. Affiliate networks are an extra advantage

Many affiliate programs work in a multilevel network. This means when someone registers and you earn the affiliate commission and if that affiliate advertises the service and other affiliates register, you will receive a percentage of those sales. In some affiliate programs, you can attract many affiliates who then have their own affiliate network, and you will receive part of the profits they received from their affiliates in their own network.

This is the second article in a series of articles about affiliate programs that I’ll be writing about. These were 9 interesting tips you should consider to choose a good affiliate program but not the only, so let other advice for the future. Be sure to read the first article in this series, which is about 10 Strategies for Making Money with Affiliate Programs.

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