Make a Beauty Salon Website to Entice Your Existing Visitors

June 21st, 2013

how to make a beauty blogWebsites for beauty salons are the kind that need strong visual content. Pictures evoke emotions more easily than words. And what you want your guests to feel, is that they’ll experience comfort and well-being if they come to your salon. Come take a look at the best templates for beauty salons and create a website that’s like a fairy-tale castle for all ladies who wish to look like a princess.

It’s best to focus on specialized templates for good visual presentation. The templates that can be effective are Clouds, Dolly, Metro, Photolia, Relax, Comfort, Scilence, Selfic, Atlaxa or Raise. Try them and see which one suits your needs the best. Consider which color you would choose, since different colors elicit different feelings for each person.

beauty blog templates

Show What You Do

Are you preparing your guests for a wedding or prom? Do you aim for a retro style? Illustrate what you offer. If you have an archive of photos showing a miraculous makeover, be sure to show them off. Use large pictures to attract attention.

Tip: When you add a photo gallery, click on “Settings” on the upper right corner and select Thumbnail Size – Large.

Large pictures attract an audience

Image Menu

On your website you can easily create a visually engaging image menu. Insert your image into a text block and connect the picture with a link, so visitors can take a deeper look into your site to browse in specific menu points or a more extensive photo gallery.

Banner links let you create a very stylish menu. In this case, each image represents one category in the menu. Pictures that are cut into a circle or the ones that extend beyond the edges are very popular.

How to make a beauty website

And how do you try to attract a client base to your salon?

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