Looking To Create a Beautiful Website? Get Inspired

free website templatesA web template is like a blank canvas – you can paint anything on it. It doesn’t even matter what it looked like at the start. Let’s see how many different looks a Serious template can have. Let yourself be inspired and create a custom website which will grab reader attention at first glance.

Our first example will be a plumbing company Idraulicotorinobarbero from Italy. You’ll see the unconventional way of using the header in a Serious template which includes a specific portrayal of the work done and the company phone number. Thus, when customers see the page, they can quickly decide if it’s the business they’re looking for. Then all they have to do is pick up the phone.

free personal website templates

Graphic designers and artists can get some inspiration from the pages of Lenky Šulcové. The site is a brilliant combination of strong images and the most important information. Almost every image contains a link that leads visitors to more specific information. The website literally pulls the visitor in. Try to do the same. Once the reader wants to see more and more, you’ve won.

free personal website template

If you’re working on personal marketing, you’ll definitely be inspired by the website of Robert Cortez. He has chosen a simple and elegant design. This website was created in two language versions, with a collection of great social networking icons connected with links to Roberto’s profiles, and important information and samples added from the portfolio.

free personal website templates

Uč se online (Teach Yourself Online) is a content-rich Internet database suitable not only for enthusiastic schoolkids. Already in the first month, it was visited by over 2000 people. The web creators give everyone the chance to provide input on the web content, to guarantee their loyalty in the future. Assure your readers and allow them to register to your website!

You don’t need to play around with CSS to achieve interesting results. Just use engaging images and supplement them with necessary information. Pictures attract visitors more than plain text. Don’t do anything without a purpose. Think twice why you’re using that image and what you want to achieve.

Are you interested in how to design a website? We have a detailed guide for you.