Study Your Competitors to Improve Your Online Store

Know your competitorsWhether you’re new to the world of online business, or you already have a developed and fully functional e-shop, following your competitors will help you optimize your online presence and get good results with your website. Don’t forget that your competitors may also be of help when comparing your results with theirs, as it will help you find your weaknesses and improve your offer. Analyzing your “rivals” is an important step in the developments of any online business strategy.

This article will tell you what it takes to gain a complete picture of your competitors. If you meet all the points listed below, and you analyze them properly, you’ll easily create your own plans for development and optimization.

Optimize Your E-shop for Search Engines

Your competitors already have very good positioning in search engines. So what are you waiting for? It’s important to remember that your customer base varies depending on your online visibility. If your webshop is not on the first pages of Google results, the chance of attracting new visitors greatly decreases.

Check the most popular keywords

Finding keywords that other similar online shops are using is easy. On the web, there are several free tools that provide professional analysis. It’s worth trying ISpionage, Spyfu or KeywordEye which will help you find the keywords that led your competitors to success:
spy on competitors

Search competitor keywords with Ispionage

Check the meta description

The meta description of a website usually coincides with the introductory text that comes under each search result on Google. If you add this text to your site, you run the risk of showing phrases randomly chosen by robots that crawl the web. You can check the descriptions of the sites that interest you by entering the website, clicking the right mouse button and selecting “View page source” and then searching for the phrase meta name=”description”. The description will appear in the quotation marks.
meta description checker
Spying on your competitors’ websites can also help you find ideas for your call to action and the message they convey. Call to action phrases are usually short sentences containing an imperative that direct the visitor to a specific action, such as “Buy today”, “Find the perfect gift”, or “Turn your pet into a star.”
What is an Alexa ranking and how to use it to your advantage

Alexa is an independent service that monitors the generated traffic of websites on the Internet. All scanned pages are classified into a special ranking. The lower the ranking, the greater flow of visitors to the website. To check the Alexa ranking of your competitors, simply search for the website in Alexa, or install a plugin for Chrome or Firefox, depending on the browser of your choice.

Presentation and Price of the Product

Some sellers opt for competitive prices, others by the speed of delivery and ease of payment, while others emphasize the unique and special characteristics of the items for sale.

Check online price comparison sites

Since the aim of your online store is to sell products, it’s worth consulting competitive prices. Of the many price comparison services that are online, we would highlight, Google shopping and Buscapé. Don’t forget that you can also export your products to any online comparison site through Webnode.

A description of the products

One of the most important rules of marketing is to present the product in the most clear and striking way possible. A lot of online shoppers decide based on the visual appearance and product presentation. See how the competition does it: do they have only one, or several pictures of the products? What is included in the description? Do they have promotions or discounts?

Payment and delivery

To exceed your competitors and get better results, you should have everything simple and well-organized, up to the last detail. Put yourself in your customers’s shoes, someone who wants to shop for the first time in your store. If you’re not aware of payment or delivery methods that are available in an online store, the probability of incomplete purchases is very high. What are the payment methods that your competitors have chosen? Do you offer free delivery? All these questions are important even if you start creating a new online store. Check our step by step guide.

And finally: we live in a dynamic world where market conditions change daily. Keep your eye on your competitors every day, optimize your online shop regularly and increase your loyal, returning customer base.