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Webnode offers many templates, each of them has several variations. But YOU can give them many different faces. All you need is an idea! We present you four websites designed with our template series called “Photolia”. Read more to see how diverse these sites can get.

Photographer Lucie Blahutov√° used a one-column design in her website. She doesn’t need more than that. On her pages you will find minimalism in the text and an emphasis on beautiful photos. For a better effect, she uses our slideshow gallery to display pictures.

Photography website designs

AV Fotostudio welcomes their visitors with 4 horizontal photos that serve as links to particular subpages. It works better than a regular menu – the pictures grab visitors’ attention and they click on them out of curiosity. Do you want to have something similar on your website? Into the text box, add four images, side by side, and add links to each picture. And… that’s it!

Photography web design inspiration

The Italian portal Wetravel4you went even further. Owners of this website advise tourists how to travel safely, what are the perfect destinations and what to do once you get there. Their recipe for success? Stunning pictures and a great logo!

Web design travel

Our last example is a personal blog about online marketing. Its owner wanted to leave the header empty. Instead, she inserted a text block and put a series of small pictures inside. She arranged them the way she wished and created a beautiful mosaic.

Cool blog designs

In similar ways, you can improve each and every Webnode template. Getting your visitors’ attention is the biggest aim. With a beautiful and unusual design you will have higher chances that visitors will come more often and will become your readers. Give it a try and you will see that it pays off!

Which website did you like the most? Do you want to design your own website? Try the step-by-step guide.