Best Tips On How to Start a Video Blog

Video Blogging

Video blogging, or so-called – vlogging, has become a more and more popular way of communicating with users, visitors or clients. Read our article to learn how to start your own VLOG!

A vlog is a collection of videos you make by yourself, or find online, which you post on your website. It’s basically like blogging but in the form of movies.

Why should I vlog?

Video blogging has many positive aspects. Imagine that you run a business and you want to connect with your customers – creating videos is the best way. It will show your human side and express feelings of the company. Videos have the power of storytelling that written posts can be missing. Furthermore, you can promote yourself and your products if for some reason you cannot show up on industry meetings or trade fairs.

Visitors of vlogs spend twice more time checking video blogs than they would in the regular blogs. Another great aspect of having videos on your website is that YouTube is the second largest search engine. So your own video blog not only helps with showing your human side, but also give you a bigger chance to be found.

What to vlog about?

Content is the most important part of your video blog. When making a video, ask yourself: is it important? Is it interesting to my viewers? Does it fit with the other articles and the overall theme? If you answer YES, then start shooting.

Making a video is different than writing posts – it’s very easy to get off topic. Stay focused on your aim of the video. Before shooting the video, write down the most important points and check if you talked about them. The moment you start rambling – stop! The audience cannot watch videos longer than 3-5 minutes anyways. Use YouTube’s keywords tool to check what people are actually looking for and what videos are they interested in.

Check out this example from the Vlogbrothers:

How to Make a Video Blog Website

TECHNICAL ASPECTS: To make a video you can either use a professional camera, a camera from your computer, or even a smartphone. You can ask someone else to make the video of you or invest a bit of money into a tripod, so that your movies don’t make your audience dizzy. Editing movies doesn’t need to be very expensive either. Try using Camtasia, the great tool for video editing. In the end, go for some presentations makers, such as Powtoon, in order to have a professional effect. Remember to have a well-adjusted microphone, proper lighting and… be brave!

Create a personal website with Webnode and upload your videos on YouTube. Not sure about how to embed videos on a website? Read our article!

DOMAIN NAME: Find a topic or a main subject for your video blog. Therefore, it will not only be easier for visitors to find your vlog, but also will be easier for you to come up with the name of the domain and find a template that fits with the theme. Learn how to decide on a proper domain name.

What to Remember When Starting a Vlog

  • Create a dialogue with the “audience”, make them feel like you had an actual conversation;
  • Build curiosity, set goals for your videos which you will reveal in the end;
  • Entertain, tell stories, show the human side, transfer emotions;
  • Know your audience – wear a proper outfit, use accurate language, choose interesting topics;
  • ENJOY!

Give it a try yourself! Do a few takes to compare which is better, to see how you behave in front of the camera and how to improve body language. In the end, keep in mind that your aim is to show the human side of the company, so make it realistic. For the future, track the improvements you make and see how you are getting better and better.

Are you planning to start blogging? Try the step-by-step guide.