Transform CONs to PROs – Make a Successful Banner for Your Site

bannersPeople are noticing website ads less and less nowadays. Why is this happening? We’re just simply used to seeing dull and unsightly banners, and we have adapted by ignoring them. Still, a banner can be a huge success when used correctly. Read on to start advertising on your website successfully!

How to get a clickable banner?

Many people think that if a banner is easy to notice, it will be clicked on. This is a common error in judgment that leads to dreadful banners on sites across the web. The trick is to make a banner that is in harmony with the rest of the site. Let’s look at three examples:


Which of these three banners would you click on?

Option 1: The banner that stands out from the rest of the website too much in the end, is not noticed at all. The cheerful colors may grab attention for one second, but the eye sees it as something that doesn’t belong on the site.

Option 2: The banner is so similar to the design of the website that it doesn’t catch the eye. Good choice!

Option 3: The banner matches the style of the site and at the same time stands out on the page. Try to find a balance between reaching harmony and distinction at the same time.

Where can I get one?

Getting a banner is not as hard as it seems. There are a few ways to get your own:

  • Create it yourself. If you have experience in Photoshop or or any other graphical editor, you can create an image with a classic format for banners.
  • Use help online. Livebannermaker, bannerfans, mybannermaker and many other online banner designers will help you create banners easily and for free.
  • Find a partnership. You can join an affiliate program like the one at Webnode, in which case your partner will provide you with pre-made banners from which you only have to choose.

Test and retest!

Even though there are generally good strategies for creating banners, there is never one right solution. So, test and retest! Try different banners with small differences during the same time period and follow statistics to choose the one that is better. Nobody knows your website better than you – find the winning banner that perfectly fits your website!

What experience do you have with banners on your site? Wondering how to monetize your own website? We have a detailed guide for you.