How to Choose Your Domain Name Wisely

Thinking about registering your own domain name? You can find a lot of general advice online on how to select a good domain. You will probably read that the name of the domain should make sense, if a domain is free and where and how to register it. In this article however, we will go a little deeper into the question of selecting the right domain name.

According to the results of a survey, conducted by the guys of The Open Algorithm using SEOmoz for data collection, selecting the right domain name requires the following considerations:

  1. Domain length
  2. Domain as a keyword or brand name
  3. A domain name with hyphens or without
  4. Country code domains or generic domains like .com

Domain Length

Many Webnode users, whether experienced or complete beginners, try to squeeze every activity they do into their domain. An example might be a domain like The domain includes both the person’s name and description of activities. Such a domain is completely illegible and easy to forget. While we see these kinds of keywords, their size does not always have a positive impact, both from the perspective of search engines or customers.

Helpful Tip: The most common length of a domain is 8 characters. Surveys have shown that the shorter the domain the better. It is absolutely necessary to keep in mind that a domain should make sense to your visitors first and foremost.

Keywords or Brand Names in the Domain

Google’s search algorithm, of course, is not publicly known. Many studies prove that Google doesn’t consider keywords in a domain name. On the contrary, if the domain contains the name of the company, it may be an advantage. By using it as a domain, you promote your brand and build brand awareness.

Helpful Tip: A domain name with an exact keyword can work for an entrepreneur who doesn’t want to build a brand and business on keywords, and also if the company name is not important in the domain name.

A Hyphenated Domain

Another dilemma comes up if you would like to register a multi-word domain. Should it be divided by hyphens or not? A domain containing hyphens can be user-friendly and easier to remember. However again, use everything in moderation. Imagine the domain …

Helpful Tip: A word of caution. It’s better to buy both domains with a hyphen and without hyphens. You will avoid any future inconvenience by speculators or competition. The name of the domain should contain a maximum of one hyphen.

A Generic Domain or a Country Code Domain?

Whether you’re writing a blog or running an eshop, if you’re activity targets the national market, then it’s advisable to choose a country code domain like .ca.Canadians may intuitively add .ca to the URL address.

Helpful Tip: If you think in the future you’ll expand to other markets or operate globally,we recommend purchasing other country code domains, as well as the .com domain.

Do you plan to register your own domain? Try the step-by-step guide. Did this article help you in choosing your domain name? Share your experience in the comments below.