2013: A Year We Have Shared with Millions

December 18th, 2013

2013 at WebnodeWe are just finishing up probably the best year in Webnode’s history since its launch. If you ask me what I will always remember in 2013, it would be the beautiful changes that occurred in Webnode. Therefore, I have gathered as many colleagues as I could to summarize all that we have shared this year and to express their wishes for 2014.

Miroslav – Development team

This year we’ve implemented several features that were most requested by our users. Now you can add forms, apply mobile templates, and allow user registration on your website.

For 2014, I wish all Webnode webmasters a year full of online possibilities.

Martin – Design team

2013 has been really productive. We have launched templates for websites and blogs that are adapted to the new web trends, with slideshows in the header, wider page formats and templates that enhance customers’ shopping experience in online stores. Then we made the leap into mobile design. And we finished the year with five sets of templates for the mobile version of websites, 2 sets for the mobile version of eshops, as well as responsive templates.

For next year, I wish all our users to give visitors the best browsing experience possible.

Marketa – Marketing team

Well what to say, numbers have been on our side this year. We reached 15 million users! We had the opportunity to help our users improve their projects by replying to more than 50,000 questions on Facebook, Twitter and G+. Just our social networking community has more than 300,000 fans. And regarding everything else, we’ve written more than 100 articles in our blog and broadcasted a 36 free live webinars, which connected more than 3000 people.

If I would have a very very very big wish for our community for the upcoming year, then it’s for everyone to reach top position in Google!

Joao – Customer Care Team

2013? We can call it 250 013 because this summarizes the year, over a quarter of a million queries in 15 languages answered by our team.

I wish that next year you will have millions of satisfied visitors and customers for your business.

Andrea – HR Team

It has been the most exciting time of my life. We’ve grown from 39 to 77 employees in a year. Although we have not only grown only in our offices, we also take the opportunity to welcome Nina, Antonin and Juli to Webnode. Our babies of the year.

The truth is that for next year, I truly wish for all members of our community to be very successful in business and help create many jobs.

Katka – Localization Team

I’m super excited to have participated in the global growth of Webnode. Our platform is available in 25 languages. Every time we are getting closer to everyone having their own website in their own language.

I wish that next year, we have all the opportunities to grow and get as far as we want to.

2013 would not have been possible without you, so this summary would not be complete without sharing your year with Webnode in comments.

The Webnode team wishes you a happy and a prosperous new year. Hugs!