Web of the Month – Soropositivo.net

For this month’s web of the month, Webnode chose a website that deals with a very delicate matter that’s sometimes treated with prejudice. The website www.soropositivo.net was created by a young man who feels first-hand what being HIV-positive means.

In the email we got from the young web owner, he explained that the goal of the website is to “spread information and news about HIV/AIDS, fight prejudice and stigma, and to tell the story of an HIV-positive person in order to help others who go through the same and to show that living with HIV is possible! “

The website is very well designed and the menu is balanced and complete, which helps visitors find what they’re looking for. The site has pages like “FAQ”, “Blog”, “News”, “About the author”, etc. It’s a great resource if you want to know more about the subject.

“Another major goal of the site is to demystify some myths that revolve around HIV/AIDS.” The author believes that through the site he can “raise awareness for people to get themselves tested.” And with these goals, he shares the website soropositivo.net also on Facebook.

Webnode would like to congratulate the creator of this site, which we believe is on its way to be a big hit. In October, the site got nearly 6000 visits and in November, more than 7000!

If you too, are an expert in a subject that’s not much talked about, be sure to create your website with Webnode.