Quick Tip: Create an Order Form for Your Site

August 21st, 2012

As the Internet develops, everyday procedures are moving online. Customers don’t have time anymore to make calls to reserve a table or book accomodation. Make reservations faster and more efficient and paste a Webnode order form on your website! We’ll show you how easy it is.



Restaurants, guesthouses, photo studios, realtors, instructors, owners of recreational or sports facilities or even florists can all make reservations more efficient by way of order forms.

Order forms can be created with external services such as survio.com, wufoo.com, zoho.com and Google docs.

In the example we’ll show you how to create such a form in Google Docs. If you don’t have a Google account yet, make sure you create it. When you’re done, follow these steps:

1. After logging into Google, go to the “Documents” menu in the toolbar and on the left choose Create – Form. The editor opens where you can immediately start creating your first order form:

Use “Add Item” to insert additional fields and click on the pencil image to edit it.

2. Once the form is done, click “More Actions” on the top toolbar and select “Embed”. Follow the instructions to copy and paste the generated code.

3. Go to Webnode and open the page where you want the new order form and insert it as described in our guide on how to add a widget.

Done! The last step is to share your site’s new feature among your customers. Bookings and reservations can be found under the button “See responses” or you can have them sent to your e-mail.

We look forward to seeing your website’s new order form!

Olga Prokopová (130 posts)

Quick Tip: Create an Order Form for Your Site by

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