How to Make a Cooking Blog

Do you have a passion for cooking? Do you know a lot of appetizing dishes? Most of all, would like to share your talent with others? Creating a blog free at Webnode is easy and great fun. If you want to know the best way to create a recipe blog to attract and engage readers, read more!

Choose a good template

Choosing an appropriate template is very important because it will say much about your blog. A template that is themed with pictures of mouthwatering images and organized categories, will make your blog attractive and easy to navigate.

Organize recipes in the catalog

To better organize your blog we suggest that you create a page for each food category, for example, a page for main dishes, a different one for desserts, and so on. On each page you can create a catalog/list, so your posts will be well-positioned in the pages and you still can add a picture for each recipe. Your visitors will easily find what they’re looking for!

Attract visitors with images

It’s always a good idea to add a picture or illustration for each recipe. This makes your blog even more complete. We guarantee that visitors will turn to your blog first to find a new recipe.

Interact with your visitors

Making sure you interact with visitors is another important tip on how to create a blog free step by step. Establish an area in your blog dedicated to questions and answers about any recipe, or even to congratulate you on your good work!

Now that you know how to create a blog free step by step, log in to Webnode and create your own blog for free!