Add Images to Your Website for Free

Copyright defines the terms of use for images online, and there are many online databases that offer free images you can add to your site without any copyright issues. To help you avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of financial penalties for the misuse of copyrighted images, we suggest some sites where you can easily find quality images. Read on for more!

Flickr service is probably the most popular photo sharing website. You can download, comment and share images. Always keep in mind that not all images can be modified or used for commercial purposes and that some require a reference to the source and author.

Freepik offers more than 1.3 million images, photographs and artwork free to download. Take care however, not all the downloaded images can be used for commercial purposes.

Designpacks is a good place to find good images for the header of a web. The images are grouped into catalogs that can be downloaded in .zip format.

Fotolia is one of the best sources of professional images. You’ll find photos and artwork created by talented designers from 0.75 €.

Pay special attention to the individual terms of use for each image when you go to use them for commercial purposes or editing, as these conditions may vary from one image to another.

Check out our tutorials if you need help on how to edit the header of your website and how to modify the logo.

What are your sources for free images? Share them with us. :)

  • for my money is the best search engine for finding creative commons licensed images on flickr – lets you browse through groups of pictures and edit any that allow that in their license

  • Thanks a lot for your suggestion!