5 Sites to Download Free Music for Your Website

The fight against piracy is becoming more intense. Every day more and more more websites are blocked from distributing content that infringes copyright laws. If you want to share free music on your website, we’ll reveal how to do it legally.

In this post, we list sites which offer free music without copyright issues that can be downloaded or directly inserted into a website via an embedded code (HTML). For more information on how to insert these codes, you can check out our article on how to add a widget.

Here are the sites where you can download free music that will revolutionize your website:


This is one of the sites to download free music that is known all over the world. It offers simple navigation and is translated into several languages. It also has rankings of artists and the most heard. The site is open to any band has the opportunity to share their music.


Launched in 2003, its main mission is sharing new music and making emerging artists known. Artists can create a profile on the site and share their music free. There are a variety of free themes as well as a ranking of most popular artists and songs.


Another good site to download and share free music. A wide range of music styles are available. As the site name indicates, this page is dedicated to sharing content in MP3 format.

Unsigned Band Web

A website where independent artists can share their music and interact with the music community, all for free. The site has an HTML code generator to insert songs on a website, to allow for fast and quick download.

New Grounds

A website initially focused on Flash animations and games, now expanded its catalog of free software to include free music, with a fun cartoon-like design.

What other sites do you know where you can download music for free? Do you want to build your own website using a website builder? Try the step-by-step guide.