2012: A Remarkable Year at Webnode

Tým Webnode

What are things we prepared and what have we experienced the past year? Webnode celebrated its 5th birthday, we launched 5 new language versions of our portal, the number of employees rose to over 50 people and from 5 million users last year, the number nearly doubled! How was year 2012 at Webnode? Read about these and other important events of the last twelve months. There won’t be even enough lines for everything!

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Transform CONs to PROs: Autoplay Background Music

Pas de musique au démarrage“I was listening to my music and quietly surfing the web when suddenly I heard music in my headphones. I closed the page I just opened at once. This is the usual reaction of people who come to a site that opens with music playing. If you want to avoid such a situation and keep your visitors, read on!

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New Member Login Feature for Effective Cooperation

Show customers and visitors that you appreciate them, and earn their loyalty and trust! With the new “Member login” Premium feature, users can simply register on your site and access pages using their own login credentials. You can provide personalized services quickly and easily, or export the contact list for instance, to send newsletters.

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Quick Tip: How to Insert a Slideshow on Your Website

Have you thought about the benefits of a slideshow on your website? Insert multiple pictures at once and show off dynamic and engaging content. There are several websites online that offer you the opportunity to put your own photos and images in a slideshow: Photosnack, Kizoa and PictoBrowser, among others. In this post we’ll show you how to do it with Photosnack.


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How to Manage Negative Feedback Efficiently

How to manage negative commentsIn the era of communicating on Web 2.0 platforms, anyone can leave their comments. Have you created a website with Webnode and a fan page on Facebook to get more visitors and promote your activities? In doing so, you are exposed to positive comments along with negative ones, which you’d rather do without. At least until now. In this article we’ll show you how you can manage negative feedback and use it to your advantage!

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Quick Tip: Insert social buttons to any page of your website


When you add articles or products to your website, social networking buttons automatically appear along with them. Visitors can instantly share a page with new posts or products with friends. But what to do if you want to add social buttons to other pages of your website, like a photogallery? It’s easier than you thought!

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Open Your Christmas Present from Webnode

Our whole team at Webnode wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope your website with Webnode will bring you lots of joy and countless satisfied customers!

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Stand out from the Crowd with New Metro Templates

Meet the new Metro templates! Apply this template to your website and let its sharp edges stand out from the usual rounded shapes of our current designs. You can choose from several original color schemes with an available three-column layout. They’re also free!

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How to Increase Sales through Social Media

Maybe you all know that the basic concept of how to sell more is to increase brand awareness about the products or services you offer. But how to do it? Of course, the greatest power in the world today is virtual social networks. Do you know how to make the most of these social networks to increase sales? Make sure you take all the opportunities we suggest in this article!



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Quick Tip: How to Add a FAQ page to your website

How to add FAQCommon questions, Questions and Answers, Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ on a website, are various names for a list of questions that site visitors frequently ask. How can this list be added to your website in a simple way and what should it include? Continue reading to find out.


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